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Cutouts circles are being collaged with found images, previously made collages, inked paper etc.

From japanese woodblock collage

From japanese woodblock collage

cutout 2 3 cutout 2 4 cutout 2 japanese women woodblock cutout 2 landscapre cutout 2 lots cutout 2 woman and fish pedestal

cutout paper circles

Making cutout circle shapes is meditative and rewarding. Since an operation on my knee eight weeks ago my desire to make art was limited to a small space near the couch I was recuperating on.


cutout paper circles

This piece is installed on a wall and is complete. Individual circle cutout paper assemblage

circle 2 circle 3 odd circle 4 odd circle 5 puddle circle 6 oddThese photos are of pieces prepared and not yet installed.  I have made two packs of cutouts as commissions that required the new owner to install the way they wished (brief instructions only – not artistic),

I will probably make more packs for the Alphington Open Studio exhibition in November as people are enjoying the playfulness in installing and creating an artwork.  As most are circle shapes you will see I have now made  new blobby shapes – who knows where it will take me now that I am more mobile.



eyes covered

Collage is fun, found and yet still emotional.

baby cradled eyes covered smith street works


The two collages are from Van Eyck paintings and that includes the beautiful hand.

The work site is enormous and I had to peer through a peephole to take this photo.  Unbelievably it is in Smith Street Collingwood and I think I counted 4 levels below ground.  Melbourne is changinggggg.

watercolour drops

I enjoyed playing with watercolour paints and water on paper – here are the results. This will be layer one as it is unfinished art.

watercolour and pencil watercolour circle watercolour drops watercolour wet drops


These may appear to be a bit lumpy but I think I can use them as a basis for something interesting.

The one that looks like a pizza better work out because it is actually in my visual diary.  I hate it when I dislike something in my visual diary because it means I have to look at it alot.  (Not really, I tear them out.)

Give me some time to think about what I can do with these.  Circles?

cutout ballerina

I am making cutouts of found images and giving them some texture and depth and shadows.

cutout airplane cutout ballerina cutout face march

Here are some cutouts that I am loving at the moment.

I could call them collage but they are just bluetacked to the wall at the moment.

They are ephemeral and will never be framed – I love the freedom of putting them directly on the wall and discovering the shadows at different times of the day.

hellenic museum artists curators speakers

International Women’s Day Celebrations at Hellenic Museum in Melbourne today.

2014 Seven artists were selected to exhibit artwork for the exhibition ‘Transformation’.  The event was thoughtfully curated by women from the group ‘Food for Thought’a Greek Australian Women’s Network.  I was honoured to be part of this exhibition.


Here a few photos from the event which was very much a garden party attended by the Ambassador for Greece Mr Haralampos Dafaranos and his wife Eyvah T. Dafaranos who launched the exhibition,.

Several other exhibits are open at this wonderful venue included George Raftopoulos’ amazing collage/mixed media works on the first floor.  Call the Museum for opening hours as I believe the exhibition will be continuing until April.  Museum Phone 8615 9016

hellenic graftopoulos and me hellenic museum artists 2014 int womens day hellenic museum artists and curators hellenic museum artists curators speakers

Yeah that’s me on crutches two and a half weeks after the knee replacement surgery.  When I have a little more energy I’ll post some pics of the artwork by the other exhibitors.



Cutout circles I can do.



I have been selected to exhibit artwork in a group show for International Women’s Day 2014.

No Slide TitleThe venue is a magnificent historic building that was once the Royal Mint Building.

There will be several events happening on the day of opening (9th March) so it would be a wonderful time to see some of you there.

I believe the event will be on show until 24th March if you cant be at the opening.  There is an RSVP mostly for refreshments and please know that you are all welcome.

It may be my first outing on crutches – if we havent met yet well the crutches (knee replacement) will be a real givaway.

I’m pretty excited about this and as I learn more I will add to this post for your information.


im recovering in hospital from a knee replacement do not too much art to post. its around 2.30AM and thought of you all. it is quite a massive op but um doing well. jope you luke the pics

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