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Collaged angst.

wpid-imag5599.jpgThis is a small collaged character I made some time ago.

I think he needed to be let loose again so here he is.

I am so thrilled to be selected for The M Collection Art Prize exhibition in Melbourne.

The M COLLECTION Art Award is a competition created and independently run by The MCollection, a Melbourne based, contemporary Australian Art Collective.

The aim of the MCollection Award is to encourage unrepresented Victorian artists and support the

Melbourne art community.

The award consists of a $7,000 cash prize, for the winning entrant and an art supplies

incentive for runner up.

Congratulations to Anne (me) for being shortlisted for her piece Totem Poles – The things that spoke.  It will be on early in October and I will send you the details.

Totem with Hut on HeadMy apologies if you get this twice as I am linked to another blog.

6 for M collection small

spring sky

Stormy Spring weather makes for a beautiful sky and flowers blooming in Alphington.

flowers forest pansy persimon My clivia has flowered for the first time in 2 and a half years.  The tiny pink buds are on a small forest pansy tree and the green bud (out of focus) is on the persimon tree which in 2 and a half years has not grown so very much (still looks small) even though it was planted to become the focal point of the front garden.  Oh well, the sky is free and always changing.

rununcula spring sky 2 spring sky 4 spring sky

Flower Balla

Collage without a title, please help me identify the maroon flower in my artwork.

cettas garden 2 cettas garden 3 cettas garden  preston coffee Flower BallaIMAG5442This is a lovely coffee shop in Mansfield Street Thornbury that I had breakfast at.  It is called ‘Joy and something I cant remember’ on the corner of Wales Street.

Help – does anyone recognise and know the name of the flower I used in the artwork above.  It grows in a ball shape and the closest thing that I found was clivia however I am not sure if they come in the maroon/purple colour or not.

cut 6

Not really collages but images that remained after cutting out other images. You’ll see.

cut 2 cut 3 cut 4 cut 6 cut 7 cut oneI played with them just a little but otherwise they were random finds.


blanket woman

Silent Art Auctions are the best Auctions

PEACE OF ARTblanket woman

THIS SUNDAY 31st Aug 2014
8 Martin St, St Kilda

Loudmouth, Brightspace and Yoganica present


Join Melbourne’s top emerging artists, musicians and designers for an evening of visual and performance art to raise money for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund.

  • Silent Auction from 5-7pm on all works
  • Incredible live performances
  • LIVE cross to GAZA to speak with the PCRF


Michael Leunig | Reg Mombassa | Bryan Dawe | Samuel Tupou | Nathan Kaso | Glenn Brady | Nina Gilbert | Yuria Okamura | George Diamandis | Holly Block | Melanie Lazarow | Van Rudd | Anne Warren | Louisa Wang | Bernadette Boundy | McLaren Family Pottery & more


Fouad Harraka | Mark Linton-Smith | Shar Mae Amor

shell gentle face

Collaged tiny little paper images in occupied shells.

IMAG5116shell duckshell fingers shell leaf flowerIMAG5121 shell leaf head shell gentle face

woman with feathers and buildings

Artwork – Woman with feathers and buildings will be donated for an exhibition fundraiser for Palestinian children in need.


A GLASSES The exhibition Peace of Art will be held at Brightspace (Melbourne) around the end of August.

This work is from a couple of years ago where I put copyright over everything (sorry).

It consists of collage, digital, ink and hand drawn bits in it.  Hope someone likes it.

Melbourne’s winter. Missing the warmth of the sun.





Abstract images from ink gouache and collage.

image image image image From some small pieces of paper I played with ink and gouache.  I liked only bits and pieces.  I wet the the artwork and kept adding paint and ink which I then removed with tissues.  I liked the effect.  Once again as usual I tore and cut up the images to make the pictured shapes.

Melbourne Art Class

Art Courses, Drawing Courses, Folio Preparation, Floral Design Courses


The greatest site in all the land!



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