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Here is my portrait of Ninna commissioned by my son because he wanted his request to be taken seriously.



I probably should wait a while before posting this as I may feel differently tomorrow.  I’m pretty happy with it tonight.  It’s after midnight and it will take a few hours for my brain to relax before I can sleep.  Night.

Painting and drawing of Ninna my kelpie has started.


I have blocked in some colours in paint.         Now for the detail in pencil.

woman carriage

I am still working on a drawing/painting of Ninna for a commission. She is so beautiful to me that it makes me think I will not be able to capture her loving spirit.

woman carriage ninna 7Also am continuing with collages in several different forms.  If you look for Annewarren on instagram you will see lots of my ‘leggy-florals’ or florals with legs.

I am currently thinking of loosely painting Ninna (dog) and then drawing some details such as her head and paws over the top.  Still thinking.  Cleaning up studio.  Contemplating.  It takes ages. Oh and coffee.

Congratulations to Rob McHaffie for being selected for the Basil Sellers Art prize – hope he wins as it is not often that collage is the winner.  Great artwork depicting Serina Williams.  Good Luck.

julias artwork 2014

A little five year old took an art workshop with me. Yes my work influenced her lovely work but it was a starting point that she just took off from. This is Julia my niece that normally can’t sit still for more than five minutes. We spent about an hour and a half preparing surfaces, inking the paper and then cutting and tearing from about three old books.


children's art

Julias Collage

julia cutting 2014 julias artwork 2014 Julias collage with ink Julia drew pictures on some of the inked surfaces, pasted found images (different head to different body).  One of her works was a mermaid.  She arrived with a mermaid doll so we found a fish book and she put a model figure on top.  Well done Julia – good job.


Some ‘leggy’ flowers and a small collage for you to see. Sorry about the quality of the photos as they are from my not-so-smart phone.

IMAG4592 IMAG4600 IMAG4607

Some of my travels to Byron bay




Last one was my knee replacement setting off security alarms.

Collage just fell together today.



Both are transient pieces that are not  pasted.  They may appear again in a different format.  I was gallery sitting yesterday at steps gallery in Carlton.  Exhib ends soon.

steps 6

I’m in an exciting exhibition called Antipodean Palette.

I was lucky enough to be invited to exhibit with this very interesting group in an exhibition (their fourth) called Antipodean Palette.

The opening was last night and was so brilliantly organised by the ‘Greek Australian Cultural League of Melbourne.

We had several speakers including special guest and proficient speaker Professor Nick Papastergiadis, beautiful music by male female duo Polixeni, great food and great Australian wine flowed all night.

Best of all we the artists were invited to exhibit on a Greek Ionion Island ‘Kefalonia’ at the Centre for the Arts and Culture.  Fantastic.

Yet to discuss but an exciting prospect for me.steps 1 steps 2 steps 3 steps 4 steps 5 steps 6 steps 7 steps 8 steps 9 Exhibitors:  Angy Labiris, Anne Warren,  Christos Avramoudas, Cost Athanassiou, Effie Mandalos, James Raftopoulos, Mary Raphael, Sophie Kagadis, Soula Mantalvanos,  Tina Sideris, Tony Pierrakos.wpid-imag4300-1-1.jpg Not every image shown here so come in to Steps in Lygon Street, Carlton.



Hybrid Totem Pole

The Surreal Collage Totem Poles are now a series of 9 that relate to little glimpses of my life.

I don’t plan the images, I just had a very loose theme that I carried around in my head and then the collage or assemblage work gradually

Hybrid Totem Pole

Totem No. 9

emerged.  I am now up to Totem No. 9 and I hope you like it.

Images are collected from a truckload (almost) of books from the 50′s and 60′s and glued to Arches 300gsm Watercolour Paper.





Totem No 2

Totem Pole Collage No. 2

Totem No 2 haruka and ninna

Here is Haruka a Japanese girl staying with me for a few weeks.  She looks a little uncomfortable but doesn’t Ninna look comfortable.  I forgot to tell Haruka that that seat and blanket are Ninnas.

I have commenced making a series of an idea I have had rattling around in my head for most of this year.  Of course as I will be using  found images it can only be a concept and not a plan or a visual of the finished artwork.

I made three so far and am still adjusting and altering a little.  I will discuss why I use the totem motif with some future posts.  I have photographed all three on instagram however even they have changed a little since then.


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