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Spoons ready to be picked up and a new group being carved now.

Sold all my spoons at the open studio which was a great success.  I didn’t realise that other people love spoons as much as I do.  (Actually I like all cutlery that has an interesting design).  I have started another little group now.  The tiny 10cm spoons are for little ceramic pots of jam or similar and the longer fish spoon is the first baby spoon I have made and is of course for my grandson Mason.  They are all made from huon pine which grows only in Tasmania /Australia and as the cutting of live huon pine trees stopped in 1960 they are a bit special.  Fortunately there are still cut pieces of timber available around Australia.  I describe the scent of this tree as vanilla and menthol.   Oh and I just learn’t a  great new word to describe what I am carving:  treen.


Alphington Open Studios this weekend

I would like you to know that the Alphington Open Studio weekend will be on this weekend Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th November 11am – 6pm.

I have been enriched by the AOS as I have met so many interesting people that has led to so many different experiences for me and for them also I hope.  I have been invited to do workshops for people of all ages, commissions, group exhibitions with people I would never have met before, I made some beautiful friends (you know who you are) and I am constantly inspired by my lucky encounters with all of you.
I am posting the AOS leaflet, also see Facebooks  Alphington Open Studios and website Alphington Studios for more pics of other artists works etc.
Here are some pics of my recent work which include still life painting in acrylic, collage/mixed media works that are surreal and yet happy and a new venture I have taken into wood carving.  I’m pretty proud of my efforts in carving from a block of wood things such as spoons and little animals.  I have used huon pine, golden poplar, and some bits of trees with no name.  For those of you that liked and bought my greeting cards I will once again have available digitally printed cards with this current selection of artwork on them.
Hope the weather is fine but as you know most of us are inside or are least well prepared for rain hail or shine.
Bye for now, hope to see you this weekend and bring your friends and or family for an enjoyable stroll or drive through Alphington, you need to see the gorgeous gardens but more importantly the wonderful artwork that we have worked on over the last twelve months that will be available for sale.

Alphington Open Studios Art Exhibition

We are posting leaflets into letterboxes about our forthcoming open studio event and having such a great time admiring all the Spring gardens as well as some quirky letterboxes.  Keep the dates in mind and invite a friend for a wander from street to street or even a drive.  It’s actually quite a small event 7 studios open but 10 Artists showing their work and available for a chat.  We will be ready rain hail or shine.


I like stripes and zebras in digital collage.

My November digital collage for gorgeous baby Mason (almost five months old now). I was inspired by his top.
I found this description of Zebras that I like and wish for Mason –

Those that come into contact with the zebra find it to be a powerfully loyal and intelligent friend.zebras-in-november


Wood carving or wood sculpting not easy.

I have been making spoons for a couple of months now (not every day of course) and am enjoying and learning new things each time.  I am a member of Woodcraft Manningham wood carvers club.  The simpler the design the harder it is for me.  I don’t know that much yet but am slowly learning.  I think the club members think I am silly sometimes for not drawing a pattern or measuring but with an art background some things are innate and shift with how you feel at that moment.  (They also shift when you are inexperienced and chisel and mallet much deeper than you wished).

The new couches needed protection from my dog Ninna so in the evening they are being barred with furniture and plasticware etc so she doesn’t sleep on them.  She has a brand new top of the line comfortable bed.  After 5 days I have discovered it is not working too well and will have to think of an alternative.

Baby Mason is looking cute so I thought I would share his scrunched up face.


Small scale still-life painting with pink vases.

Plus a picture of my grandson Mason.

Baby rides pony barebacked at circus.


Exhibition at Ian potter gallery is simply brilliant.


Margaret Preston


Yvonne Audette


Bruce Armstrong


John Olsen


He was always going to be a bee in Spring.

My baby grandson’s third of twelve digital collages.  He was always going to be a bee this month of September which is Spring in Melbourne.  He has been a superhero, an olympic swimmer and now a bee.  Digital imaging, photography, collage and lots of love.beez

wed blue still life

Painting redo plus two more loves.

Here is a sweet photo of me holding my 9 week old Grandson Mason’s hand.  I thought it was very touching so I decided to make a similar one for another  love of mine, my beautiful Kelpie Ninna.  As my Son is interstate he was really touched by both of these images as he adores his dog and is still getting to know his nephew.

Another love.  Art.  I recently pulled out all the small boards and canvases I could find and decided to paint some objects.  The one below has obliterated the previous post with the green glass as I felt that one photographed better than seeing it in life so I started again.  I just worked on it again and am still thinking about it.  Maybe a work in progress.


wed baby handwed blue still lifeWED NINNA


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New ways ahead as an artist

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