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Pink Jug with Bananas

Starting to get a little ‘quirky’ into my still-life paintings, yay happy.

I am a little known for the quirky collage and wall art that I make.

Usually a little surreal, some juxtaposing of scale or something unexpected (that kind of thing).

So I found it really hard to just present bottles, jugs, fruit in still-life paintings and that’s when I questioned whether it was boring or not.  I layered the backgrounds, scratched into surfaces, knocked back colours to bring the image back to a more neutral tone plus a few other techniques.  I have been encouraged by people on my blog, on instagram and in person so many thanks.  This is the most recent one I have done and I feel really good about it because it is not the usual kind of set up.  Yay a bit silly…

Pink Jug with Bananas

Pink Jug with Bananas

browns garden

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day.
I think about things sometimes and wonder how it is that some people think women and men are not equal.

browns garden

Still life with pewter 2

Sticking with the still life for a bit but I had a day off to shop in Chapel Street Prahran yesterday.

Thanks for your encouragement regarding last post – still-life boring or not.  I am continuing with it and am finding that each one changes a little in style so I am enjoying these development stages.  Oh and by the way my husband, my dear neighbours and I are on the lookout for bits and pieces for me to paint.  I had some shopping to do in Chapel Street Prahran/Windsor yesterday so I took these pics.  The vintage/junk place is a market shop in Greville Street.  Amazing things.IMAG7466 IMAG7467 IMAG7469 IMAG7470 IMAG7471 still life no

still life bottles 3

Still life painting, boring or not?

underpaintingstill life in progress

I bought the slim conical vase or candle holder and the two pewter tankards (one is inscribed 1957 old boys gold day) and the white vase from an op shop (thrift shop) all for $9.00.  I am continuing with the still life painting with references to morandi, in particular the simplified palette.  This painting is approximately A4 in size and is painted in acrylic on board.  I am happy with what I have done so far however I feel as if I should place something in any future still life work that reflects 2015.  I’m also worried that the subject matter may be boring. I’ll think about it a bit more but will keep going for now as I am on a roll.  If you have any comments regarding painting still life please let me know.

The two pictures at the top are underpainting and work in progress.still life bottles 3

pears 222

Still playing with my acrylic still life painting of pears.

I decided to try a little distortion and go for a more contemporary look.  This picture I have just realised is missing the dots on the pears (they are nashi pears). I have actually painted them in just after I took this photo.  I am going for a limited palette of colours.    pears 222 pears 2222 pears 22


I did my first still-life painting in years.

underpainting in acrylic

underpainting in acrylic

I made my first still-life painting in I don’t know how many years.  I have never really taken to still life in the past so I decided to look up someone that I admire, Georgio Morandi.  I used a limited colour palette like he does.  I will keep on practicing.  It’s not exactly what I want to do at the moment but this is part of the journey.  Hope you like it.pears


Underpainting and using a colour wheel.pears 2

Painted abstract on circles.



On heavy arches watercolour paper I used ink and gouache to make these two 25cm diameter circles. 


I’m in love with this minimalist spoon by George Jensen designer Arne Jacobsen.

ssFour glass paperweights and three spanish glass bowls.  I’m experimenting with photo’s of favourite things around my house.  These are not yet artwork but something I may be working towards.   I have three of these G Jensen knife fork and spoon sets only so I choose not to use them at the moment.  I showed them to my five year old neice and she laughed when I told her it was a spoon.  Sooo minimalist.  She is starting to like spoons like I do.  sss

mccl 3

Amazing sculpture to be viewed at McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Survey with $100,000 prize.

My apologies for not listing every artist name.  I would like to congratulate Mathew Harding as the winner.  Please go to their website to see the names and more amazing work.                                                                                                                                                           mccl8 mccl7 mccl6 mccl 5 mccl 4 mccl 3 mccl 2 mccl 1 This last one is not part of the comp and is by Anthony Prior.

We are pleased to announce that the McClelland Award 2014, an acquisitive award valued at $100,000 was awarded to Matthew Harding for his work Void.The McClelland Award 2014 was judged by Dr Liz Kreijn, Assistant Director, Collection & Presentation of the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands.

The McClelland Achievement Prize (MAP) was awarded to Sonia Payes for Re:Generation. Valued at $30,000 (non-acquisitive) MAP includes a solo exhibition of the artist’s work at McClelland during the time of the subsequent McClelland Sculpture Survey in 2016.

LEFT: Sonia Payes, Dr Liz Kreijn, Neil Balnaves AO, Robert Lindsay, Matthew Harding, Lyn Williams AM, Rupert Myer AMMIDDLE: Matthew Harding with VoidRIGHT: Sonia Payes with Re:Generation

wordpress fr 2

Can you make out what the collage cutouts are in my Art Circle?

wordpress fr 2 wordpress fr 3 wordpress fr 4I have further developed what started as small doodles and grouped them together.  These circles in fact are much larger at 23cm diameter.

wordpress fr 6 The circle on the left is current, the circle on the right is what it looked like before.  I painted out the image and turned it over because I liked the ink staining on the edges. The gouping of cutouts above are the ones I have used in this image.  Can you make out what they are?  Anything goes with mixed media.  I have used really heavy arches watercolour paper so that it does not buckle and can handle the torture I put it under.  Yesterday I even scrubbed it with my kitchen scourer.wordpress fragments 5

This is just a snippet of some of the work I have been making or playing with.

I have just emailed my Art Workshops Summer Newsletter to those that signed up for contact.  If you are interested in classes please let me know.

IMAG7158 Having coffee at Studley Park Boathouse because it’s a gorgeous Summer day.wordpress fragments

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