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Works on Paper exhibition entry open soon and here is a detail from my entry.

detailHere is a detail from one of three pieces I will be entering into a works on paper exhibition.  I am using acrylic paint for backgrounds and several collage cutouts.  The man is hand drawn and painted with inspiration from Bruegel the Elder.  All three pieces are quite small and all are hybrid characters.

My exhibition has started but the opening is on Saturday at 2.00pm.  If in Melbourne please come by.

seven tiny

Flowers and cherries

My still-life paintings are being exhibited very soon.

Finally it’s here, the Out of the box group of artists that I have exhibited with for over 13 years are having their 2015 exhibition titled SEVEN.

I have posted a few pictures over the past few months plus another one here today.  If you wish to discuss you can contact me or the gallery for further information or other images.

seven tiny Flowers and cherries

I have seven acrylic paintings/oil pencil works on board plus seven tiny 12.5 x 12.5cm works that are details or responses to the larger works.  All the work is still-life layered acrylic paintings using a limited palette.  The works have been scratched, sprayed, sanded to reveal underpainted colours.  I have had Morandi on my mind in the making of this body of work.

chrysanthemum with coffee cups and detail

Final preparations for gallery exhibition in Collingwood.

chrysanthemum with coffee cups and detail  Our exhibition is called ‘SEVEN’.

I researched lots of different ideas and came up with not very much at all to inspire me with the title.

I decided to turn my attention to still life work which has been very rewarding for me.  I hope you like the pic I am posting.  I have made seven still-life works and seven small responses/details that will hang separately.  If you are looking for a long articulate explanation, again, I have nothing.

I can tell you that I have used a limited colour palette of ultramarine blue, cadmium red, cadmium yellow and titanium white acrylic paint as well as an oil pencil.  There is the tiniest amount of venetion red and alizarin crimson used as well.  If you are looking – no not seven colours.

Chrysanthemum with coffee cups, Acrylic Paint / Oil Pencil


We promise we are all working hard towards our next exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery.

In between making sculpture, painting, drawing, cutting, assembling etc we must stop for coffee, do a little gardening and rest. We recently held our last meeting (food galore) in the gallery to discuss the final points.  It was mid winter bring your own everything.  One brought a big pot of hearty soup, crusty bread, rosemary chips (fries), dips, chocolate cake plus so much more.  Wine too.  IMAG1041[1] IMAG1081[1] IMAG1069[1] IMAG1071_-_Copy[1] IMAG1083[1] IMAG1080[1] IMAG0402_1[1]  The title of our up coming exhibition will be SEVEN.

Interpretation of the cultural symbol; Seven
The regularly exhibiting “Out of the Box” group have chosen to explore seven as a theme.  Culturally seven has been a significant symbol, with themes such as Seven deadly Sins, Seven Wonders of the world, Dance of the Seven veils, etc…

The diversity of the theme is reflected in the response by the individual artists to the group theme.  Subjects range from views of Melbourne, interiors of a gallery, seven colour spectrums as defined by Isaac Newton, seven sculptures from the imagination and even an artist has challenged herself to complete seven unfinished works…

Art workshops with year 11 and year 12 students.






Greek/Australian Artists come together for an exhibition of artwork at Steps Gallery.

Exhibition Invitation

Exhibition Invitation

Flower Balla

All welcome.

The artists will exhibit a variety of works including painting, illustration, mixed media and 3D installations; collage, copper-etch, inkjet and risograph printing; photography and silvercraft.

The 10 day event will include the following events-
• Thursday August 13, 6.30pm – the exhibition will be launch by special guests, the
Hon. Martin Foley MP, Minister for Creative Industries and the Greek Consul General, Mrs. Christina Simantiraki.
• Sunday August 16, 4.00pm – the GACL will host an afternoon of ‘Healing Poetry’ by Nine Greek-Australian poets.
• Saturday August 22, 3.30pm – the GACL will launch Helen Said’s book, ‘Five
Egyptian Pounds’. The presenter will be Kris Pavlidis, Councillor, City of Wittlesea.

The first little sliver in the invite is mine – Dahlia Walks.  I have five collage/mixed media works in this exhibition.

Once again  YOU ARE WELCOME.

A Flipagram has been shared with you!

Found images from different books come together to dance spanish style. Collage, ephemeral. Instagram annewarrenart#artanddesign#collage#cutout#funny#dance #flipagram #SpanishGuitar made with @flipagram .


See my still-life painting with red apples which is still in progress.

apples 5IMAG0846[1] apples 9 APPLESThe painting before this was for some unknown reason just not working for me (6 or 7 layers of paint wasted).  Started a new painting, new subject new surface and all is going really well.  My husband told me I need to do something with the apples – told him nicely that I am barely half way through.  After all this time he should know not to comment until I ask him to.  When I need a break from something I go to quick humorous collage like the man on the raft.  I will take an image for a walk through a book.  You can see about seven or eight images on this subject on my instagram annewarrenart.  Please say hi if you visit.

s long horizontal vg

Still-life works don’t just sit around in groups.

s glasses s long horizontal vg                                  There’s a lot of movement when trying out a still-life set up for painting.  Lots of things come out of cupboards, off shelves, get dusted, borrowed, then given back and put away again. You soon realise that up to fifty pieces have emerged and that you really only need 2 or three.  These photos are all rejects or research for now.  I have painted bits and pieces of the things above but not these set ups.totem doll z jap 1


Painting workshop with Arnja produced this lovely acrylic on board still-life pumpkin image.

Well done painting this pumpkin from life.  The painting is only half done, in the foreground you can see the beginnings of three cloves of garlic.  Good job, can’t wait for next workshop where we will add light and shade to push back and pull forward certain elements and of course to sand back parts of the background to expose the lovely aubergine coloured underpainting. The finishing touches are so important. By the way Arnya used only four colours.                                                                                              IMAG0575[1] IMAG0576[1]

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