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two apples

Small Works Art Exhibition still on until Sat 29th May.

two apples pears 222

Two Red Apples, Acrylic and Pencil on Board 24x 30cm $370 (Aus)

Seven Pears Acrylic and Pencil on Board 20 x 20cm $290 (Aus)

The exhibition is going well, the image of the pink flowers has ‘Sold’ so I am happy it has found a new home.  I hope if you were planning to get there that you might still have time to drop in.  The above two images are currently on display along with nine others.


The alien-like stalks below are red hot poker plants that have just sprouted.  I think I share here on the blog every Autumn because they surprise me every time.  When they change to the big bold orange colour I will post again.

The still-life work is continuing as has the collage although it is a little minimalist at the moment.  I have a plan for the blue and white mountain/antarctic pieces.  This is just me playing at this stage for a special competition/art exhibition.

small scale pink flowersred hotmount 2mount 1

small works small

An invitation to come and see my art exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood.

I have quite a lot of work in the ‘Small Works’ exhibition I was invited to participate in so I hope if you are able you will pop in to see the work and or discuss it with the lovely gallery director ‘Sue’.  It is in Melbourne Australia by the way.

Email: Phone: 03 9486 0169.

Here is the invite, oh and please come and introduce yourself if we haven’t met face to face before.

For the first time I will be exhibiting still-life painting alongside my collage work.small works small

pears 222 Linden En LÁir small scale pink flowers

Seven small surreal pears in Acrylic

En Lair Collage

Pink Flowers Acrylic and Pencil

maureens 1

This is my elderly neighbour’s wonderful office space and yes she is an artist and an art collector.

maureens 1What a lovely space this is.  My nieghbour was kind enough to allow me to photograph her home which is very much a gallery/studio in one.


Happy mother’s day




Just a few flowers for you.  I’m not a very good flower arranger but I do love them anyway.

april 2

Cutout cowboy cup of soup and a day in Collingwood.

I went to garage sales in Collingwood on saturday so a cowboy cup of soup is not an oddity at all.

In Collingwood there were people selling their sample pots from a pottery class – the money raised was going to Nepal.  We bought a couple of pots and exchanged details about classes.  I have never used a pottery wheel so I would like to give it a go sometime.  There is the building with the trains mounted on top – well known in the area – which now has a coffee shop underneath and up high they will have a burger shop.  Yep, it has trains on top of it.  Collingwood is semi industrial with more and more people wanting to live there for it’s proximity to the city and for the wonderful coffee shops and for its unpretentiousness  (anything goes).

april 1 april 2 april 3 april 4trains

plan drawers may 2015

Drawings, paintings, flat-files nothing is better than plan or map drawers to keep them in.

I have a couple of exhibitions coming up so am working on the still-life most days now.   Will post an invitation to the exhibition soon – upcoming ‘Small Works’ exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery.

This magnificant plan drawer cabinet is a new addition to my studio which has not quite made it there yet because I will

need to reconfigure where – how to get it in there as it is currently in my lounge room.    I’m still a little overwhelmed by the size of it.  plan drawers may 2015

ncat a

Workshop in Collage and Mixed Media part two of the artist’s work for viewing.

Please note that the images below by the artists at NCAT Create are copyright and not to be reproduced.

Here are some more works from our workshop for you to enjoy.  As you can see we have extended collage from simple cutout images by including a background in ink or paint which was squeegied and further by cutting into circles for a different point of interest.  With very little time left several of the artists made some cutout abstract collage wall art.

ncat a ncat b ncat c ncat d ncat e ncat fI was enormously impressed with their efforts and loved being with them in their creative environment.  You can just feel the energy – I’m sure you know what I mean if you are a creative.

ncat 3

Had a fantastic Collage and mixed media workshop with a group of artists at NCAT Create in Preston.

On Thursday and Friday I was invited to conduct a couple of workshops in mixed media (focused on three different outcomes) with a group of artists studying at NCAT Create at Northland. Please note that the images below are copyright and the property of the artists.

Here are just some of the images that were made using cutout found images with a surreal bent to them.

Hope you like them, I have more to come.  Love them.

ncat 2 ncat 3 ncat 4 ncat 5 ncat 6 ncat 7 ncat 9 ncat 10

art in a box lynne

Art in a box collage workshop with Lynne.

art in a box lynne Lynne Patatsos made this three dimensional image in our Art in a Box workshop last night.  The box is approximately 3cm deep and layered as you can see above. Good job once again Lynne.  I hope the four workshops we had in mixed media will keep you producing and keep you inspired for a long time to come.

red jacket 10 snow

Here is Susan fighting for attention in the last of this collage series.

A lovely blogger told me the name Susan was a common one during the 60’s so here is Susan.  I think the name suits her.  Susan has tried so hard to fit it, she tried social events, team sports, becoming part of a family however I think she will be a solo artist as she likes the limelight alot more.  Good luck jacket 7 palm tree red jacket 8 rugby red jacket 9 ship red jacket 10 snow red jacket 11 snow climb

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