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Bird sculpture in wood but still learning.





I am still a novice and taking the wood carving sessions very slow.  I used a band saw on Friday and felt great.  Loved the power.  Still working on the bird.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t snap the tail or the beak off.  Picture of Mason my Grandson at just under four weeks of age.  XXxX

smaison superhero july 2016

Silly surreal digital baby image.

My beautiful Grandson Mason is 14 days old today.  I am including him in some of my art.  I made a selection of announcement cards from vintage found greeting cards e.g. One month old, Did I tell you my name yet?, I need cuddles.  I decided to do a silly funny digital with Mason as the star – one a month for his first twelve months.  See the superhero as number one.

Paintbrushes needed for Northern Territory.

This would be for Australia only as we have just three weeks to collect and deliver them.

Can you help out a remote community in the Northern Territory?
Paintbrushes old and new needed
Gurindji Project Paintbrushes.

The Gurindji people live in the remote Northern Territory town , called Kalkaringi, 800 kms south west of Darwin, nearest biggest town is Katherine 400 kms away.

A converted small power station was refurbished to become an Art Space from the proceeds of selling the book “From Little Things Big Things Grow” which is the story based on their Freedom Walk 50 years ago this August. Penny Smith an Art teacher from Queensland went to help set the Art Space up five years ago and is still there. A call has gone out for paintbrushes, new or used. My friend Galia will be travelling there on 5th August to deliver them.
This is a very small community of 600 people with very few facilities/materials and or things to do. Well done Penny Smith you are amazing.
Delivery of Brushes
I am happy to receive them here in Alphington ( for address. Another drop off point is Cambridge Studio Gallery in Cambridge Street Collingwood.  You can look their Gallery hours up and deliver there if it suits better.
Timeline: Just three weeks. Must pass them on by Monday 25th July.
Thankyou and happy hunting – Anne Warren

bund 5

Nine Lives Art Exhibition on now at Bundoora Homestead.

Nine Lives invitation

Exhinition launch at Bundoora Homestead.





Bronze sculpture by Beatrice Magalotti, pears and Friends in Space by me.  

It would be really lovely if you could join us at the launch on Saturday  18th June at 2.00pm. 


New art exhibition for Alphington Open Studios.

Nine Lives invitation

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Marble Mosaic, Lady Isra, 3d sculpture by Cetta Pilati

Acrylic and Pencil, Three Pears,  by Anne Warren

2 Dogs and Friends

Art Workshop spaces for Thursday

I have a couple of openings for art workshops Thursday 2nd June and Thursday 9th of June for anyone that is interested.  .

Class times are 9.30am to 12.30pm at my Alphington studio (about 8km from the city in Melbourne).  Suitable for all levels.
This class can be either collage/mixed media or still life painting.  I still offer one on one classes to suit you.
Contact me if interested.
c abstract

Some simple but meditative abstract paintings.

First picture is of Mayu a Japanese girl that stayed with me 6 years ago and as she was visiting  Australia she wanted to catch up with me.  We went to South of Johnston in Collingwood for lunch and then to Station Street in Fairfield for Greek cakes.  Delicious.  Good luck Mayu (she works for Korean Airlines and gets a lovely healthy discount for travel).

The abstract designs above just came to me as a bit of a challenge.  I had  blue splotches I painted on some brown paper bunting for my daughters baby shower (yes it will be a boy) and I didn’t want to waste them so I chopped them up and then assembled into the two blue artworks above.  The other one with red is actually not an assemblage but a small painting probably inspired by the earlier pieces.

One thing leads to another.

baby 4

Some pics from my Daughter’s baby shower.

On Sunday we had a baby shower for my daughter (top photo, glasses, red sleeves).  Lots of friends, food, drinks and just a couple of fun games – celebrity heads and the masterchef taste test.  We had lots of fun and lots of laughs.


I’m in love with handmade Kooklas by Helen.

These amazing characterful soft toys are made by Helen.  Helen has been making them for some time now and like most artists is more interested in their personalities and form than in selling or marketing them.  I own a couple now and thought I would show you how lovely and individual they are.  Please let me know if you like them so that I can relay that back to her for encouragement. I think they are lovely children’s toys but equally lovely adult toys.  I hope you like them.

Baz Allen



New ways ahead as an artist

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