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little people

Little people in collage and a pug.

This is cute little 6 month old pug Juno I met at the park yesterday and fell in love with her.

I am doing a series of children taking on or morphing into their surroundings – space, birds, inspects animals etc.  I have only shown a small detail of this work as it is for an upcoming exhibition.

fish woman

Collage with fish and humans.

The fish and the human bend and flex so easily as one.

mountain 2

Taking bookings for Art Workshops in Melbourne.

Think about taking an art class with me on Feb 2nd or Feb 4th.

My next Still-Life Painting Workshop is on Tuesday February 2nd.  It is a very small class of only 3 people so you get lots of attention and information.  There is a materials list that I would provide for this class.  I have vacancies for the evening class Feb 2nd 6.00 – 9.00pm.

My next Group Collage Workshop is on February 4th 9.30-12.30pm and a later one at 6.00-9.00pm.  I still have some places available in both classes.  The classes will be for beginners, artists interested trying a different approach, those that have taken  a class before that are wanting more direction to consolidate and or make new artwork.  Email me


A few hiccups but fish mobile finished.

I have really enjoyed making this mobile.  Many moons ago I saw a Calder exhibition and fell in love with it.  I mean many moons ago – probably the 70’s and I didn’t even know who he was.  This is nothing like what I saw but the motivation has been there for a long time to make something that moved easily, gently with a breeze.  I kind of fell in to the carving of the balsa wood – the wood has been sitting in my studio for about 10 years.

As someone said to me it is like a collage, an assemblage and I guess that’s right.  The little red beads came off a bracelet, the string was purchased for gift tags, I cannot remember why I bought balsa wood 10 years ago and the finest crochet hook ever made was a tool I had in my kit that I never thought I would ever use (to drag the string through the wood).

I have one or two cuts on my fingers from the blade, lots of sneezing from the powdery dust and grit in my eyes, sanding a beautiful tail and then accidentally breaking it off (a few times) an enormous tangle in the string when I thought I was finished, my husband saying it wasn’t serious art but all that was the negatives that brought me to this humble piece that I had to make.



Fish sculpture made from soft wood.

I can see all the little bits that need sanding in this photo.  I’ll get back to it.  This is a very simple assemblage I hope to finish this week as a mobile.  I need to drill some very fine holes into it for the fishing line (how apt) so please wish me luck as I am not sure if this wood will split.  Each fish has taken two to three hours to complete probably because I am learning and do not have the right tools.  I like learning from mistakes – generally the lessons stick.ffff

coll jenny m

Wonderful playful images in collage.

I conducted a small workshop in Mixed media/collage for three people this morning and just look at these creative whimsical images.  Each of the artists made two fully finished pieces on prepared surfaces of acrylic paint and ink.  Congratulations Alison D, Helen B and Jenny M for having an open mind and letting your intuitive side take over.  Sometimes it is so much better to keep things simple and pull back on all the cut elements.  If somethings works and reads well with just two cut images then just let it be.  I think there is an interesting story in each of the images made.  Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Next group classes will be Feb 4th for mixed media collage (only 4 people for this class) and Feb 2nd for Still-life painting (only 3 people for this class).  Please contact me if interested in consolidating your skills or learning new ones in a friendly relaxed environment.  Private classes also available to suit.

still sal

Had so much fun teaching still life painting today.

Same set up, different choices in view, colour, underpainting, background, brushes, medium and pencil.

These are works in progress and are coming along beautifully.  Congratulations to Janice, Helen and Sal for such successful pieces in just one workshop.  I look forward to seeing your finished pieces in the future.

t fish

January art start with simple sculpture.

Cutting, sanding and sculpting balsa wood is not difficult however I quickly realised I needed the right materials.  I now own a mask and safety glasses as the powdery wood rises like smoke.  These pieces are pretty ordinary as I am still learning and my only tools are sand paper, scalpel blade and a hacksaw.  I need to find the right tools.  I know with sewing you must, absolutely must have good scissors.  I am wondering what the MUST have is for carving into balsa wood.

The cat found a nice cool spot on the table – what you cannot see is above her is a large airconditioner on this very hot Summer day.

christ table 2 2015

White Christmas table and clothes.

I didn’t go too far but really wanted the table decorations to be non traditional but fun.  I found lots of white things at opportunity shops including a teapot, clock, salt and pepper shakers etc.  I asked my family to wear white, grey or black.  It was a fun look and we had fun lining everyone up with either white, grey, or black groupings and even did a line of white or light to dark in the photos of family members.  Pretty funny really.  Loved that everyone indulged me (my two children in the centre of the photo).

4 characters by anne

Colouring Book Fundraiser success.

Thankyou for your support, encouragement, good wishes, generosity and concern for our fundraiser to get a standing wheelchair for Nathan.

We have raised enough money.  Yay success.  I have attached two images that you are welcome to print and use for colouring in.  The four hybrid characters are mine from found image collage and the prawns are by Bryce Golder (he made and donated them from when he was in New York).  Please note just for personal use not for reproduction or commercial use.  Hope you enjoy them.

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