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2 Dogs and Friends

Joined and Jumbled art exhibition Friday.

If in Melbourne come along to my group exhibition Opening on Friday night 6.30pm at Beth Hulme Gallery see details below.

This image is one of a series of 9 collage/mixed media works on show along with one limited edition giclee print.    The disparate cutouts I began selecting and assembling unknowingly led me to the creation of a series of joyful hybrid habitats for children including, space, dogs and insects.

Title:  Dogs and Friends  Medium:  Collage, ink and Acrylic paint on wood.  Size 20 x 20cm2 Dogs and FriendsJoined and Jumbled Invite

Joined and Jumbled Invite

Mixed Media exhibit Joined and Jumbled.

I am in an exciting group exhibition at Beth Hulme Gallery & Studio with all sorts of mixed media happening.  I would love it if you could come along and see this show.

Gallery and more information about all 10 artists is available from :

You can email me if you wish for any further info or call Beth as per the invite above. Note the opening days/times on the invite. If you would like to meet me at the gallery let me know and I’ll try to be there.  Great location for coffee.



dads shed

Sleeping toolshed and some art.

The toolshed is my fathers.  He is 92 years old and has been in a Nursing home for the past 4 months.  I am allowed to go into the toolshed and use  whatever I want.  I have told my father (who is a Carpenter) that I am trying woodcarving.  My latest thing from this shed is a stone for sharpening my chisels.  I am not good at it and wish I could ask him to show me but I don’t want to worry him.

A little bit of art from the past – a collage and a drawing.

joan blue vase

Upcoming art workshops in Collingwood.

joan blue vasejans pears april 16

Images above are by Joan Cullum and Jan Wright.

Collage Mixed Media
Friday 22 April, 1 to 4pm
​Tutor – Anne Warren
$130 (all materials provided)
We will prepare two surfaces as supports for your collage by experimenting with and using ink and acrylic paint.  When the time comes to cut pictures from books I will ask you to not think about what you are selecting but I will ask you to trust your intuition and just cut images that speak to or appeal to you.  I will try my best to share how I select the images I cut and how to approach the assemblage of the pieces.  I would always describe collage as fun as the process is meditative, restful, surprising, amusing and yet at the same time you can have a full conversation and get to know the people around you.
We will be using beautiful French Arches watercolour paper, ink and acrylic paint. I will provide you with a list of the materials we have used today so that you can continue creating art.
​Materials list provided.



Painting the Still Life (acrylic)
Thursday 28 April, 1 – 4pm
Tutor – Anne Warren
​ $140 (all materials provided)
In this class I will share with you some of the techniques and materials I use to make still-life paintings. For the last seven years I have used a limited colour palette for my paintings and I have barely shifted from that as there are so very many different colours that can be mixed using just the primary colours plus white. You will be encouraged to complete an acrylic still-life painting on canvas in this class.   At the end of the class I will provide a list of the materials that you will have used today to make your artwork so that you can continue creating art.


Susan Gibson 
Gallery Owner/Curator

Ness Alexandra
Assistant Curator/Administrator

Cambridge Studio Gallery
03 9486 0169
52 Cambridge Street,
Collingwood, Vic 3066

PO BOX 1412, Collingwood, VIC 3066

Gallery Hours
12pm to 5pm
Wednesdays to Sundays

horse flower

Can you tell I get a kick out of collage?

I like to challenge myself by selecting just one or two books from my collage bookcase to create collage images.  The abstract was just from one page alone – can you see the bedhead, blanket, pillow, childs shoe strap, and a couple of other things?  I often do not stick these things down, they are ephemeral and may turn up in a different image in the future – see the horse repeated.  Can’t do that if you commit with glue however  I was given a visual diary so I feel I need to fill it and I have kept a few of the above in it.

Workshops are still available – email me if you need details.

Tried my hand at pottery and a cat.


Oscar is a British blue cat.  Gorgeous.

The pottery is a result of a short term at Carlton arts.  I had a go, was pretty average but now have a greater understanding of how skilled you need to be.

I am now interested in studying woodcarving to help me with a collaborative sculpture project.  Anyone have any tips for me?  I have ordered two Palm chisels and a beginner’s book.  Will post a picture in the future.

Prawns at Preston market ready for Easter feasts.




bird girl

Small details from small collage art.

Here are a couple of details from two different collage works I am making for the Beth Hulme Exhibition yet to come.  I have made 10 small collage works of scenes with children in all types of different environments.  The two above are children and dogs and children and birds.  The works are fun and joyous and still some of my absurd humour thrown in as usual.  Hope you like them.  There is a little paint and ink, some paper cutout from various sources of books (checked so don’t worry they are not rare but they were special in my eyes) and then an assemblage on birch board.

small scale pink flowers

Back to the Studio in Collingwood.

Cambridge Studio Gallery is opening its doors to artists for 3 weeks in April/May, 2016.

Back to the Studio will offer a variety of intensive and intimate Art Workshops (with a maximum 10 students only)  as well as the opportunity for artists to use the gallery space as a studio. (Wednesday to Sunday 9am to 5pm)

Reservations are necessary. Deadline for enrolments 13 April

Call Out for FREE studio use
Email a short description of what you propose to work on during the time, this should include list of materials and intended outcome for the time.

​Are intensive, intimate and for all skill levels.
Enrol for 3 workshops for $330 or all workshops for $850.

ENROLMENT FORM is available from the Cambridge Studio Gallery website.


Some of the art tutors are Yvette Coppersmith, Godwin Bradbeer, Ness Alexander, Tanleea Velastro and me.

small scale pink flowers

col4 tent

Building a tent with collage.

I have been holding very small (2-4 people) collage and still-life painting workshops in my studio on the first Tuesday and the first Thursday in each month.  Keep me in mind for the future and if those days do not suit I can do private one on one workshops.  Email me if you want to know more.

The images above are of the collage play that I tend to drift into late at night.

The still-life with pears are painted using some paint left to me by art students.  Simple but sweet I think.

The little village is a first entry into a visual diary for this year.  I am not a big fan of such things for myself but I thought I would start one and see where it takes me.  The tent was easy and a fun and fantasy thing to do.  As I have mentioned before many of these things no longer exist as it is just play and never glued down.  They may come up in a finished piece one day although it will be a totally different configuration.

Greek islands buildings abstracted.


This was a commissioned gift for a couple that fell in love with Naxos.

Starting Over Studio

Each day brings fresh discoveries in mixed-media art--and life.


art, music, various media, and some ebisu

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Art including mixed media, collage, still-life painting and fun workshops.


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