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red jacket 6 pram

The little girl in the red jacket collage work.

red jacket 6 pram red jacket 5 aged care

See, sweet little girl is still trying to fit in.

red jacket 2 art gallery

The little girl in the red jacket visits some collage hot spots.

red jacket 1 plane red jacket 2 art gallery red jacket 3 opera red jacket 4 schoolI have had a bit of fun playing with this little girl.  She looks like she desperately wants to fit in.  The images are from a vintage book on New Zealand.  I will post more soon.  She needs a name but I can’t think of one for her yet.

small scale cactus

Collage hybrid cactus head person thingy.

I was just sending this image to a gallery and thought you might like to see it too.  Bit of fun.

What type of person do you think he she might be?

small scale cactus


Here are a couple of digital collage works I made when I studied Fine Art.

I was told that I would have to study digital artwork for my ELECTIVE subject.  I was not happy at the time and it ended up taking me so long to learn and catch up with all the younger students.  We were instructed to do something and I would watch all the computer screens change to blue and then another instruction and they would change to red etc etc  My screen remained the same because I didn’t know how to turn it on.  I was assured by the lecturer that it would come to me and eventually it did.  I graduated from the class with a Distinction.  I love Digital Imaging and still use it in my art practice (also teach).  These two limited edition images were from 2007.Slide2 Slide6


Here is Lynn’s peaceful creation in the Art Workshop with Anne

This was Lynn Patatsos’ second workshop with me.  Lynn has played with lots of different media and is open to all suggestions.  When making collage or working with chance it is best not to be too precious about your finds and discoveries.  At times discoveries are an enormous part of the work you make and then at other times it may start off that way and then get lost in the application.  Found images are not just luck they are identified by you and applied by you next to another found image or media and so on.  Your image will be unique.  My advice to anyone playing with found images is to remember to EDIT.  This image is called the meditation.  Great job Lynn.


Acrylic on Board

I’ve happily finished my still-life painting of flowers and vase.

I know I said I wanted to do still life with a quirky twist but these were bought for me so I felt I had to do them as they were rather than with a piece of fruit sticking out of them.  It was a challenge as I have not actually painted many flowers/arrangements.  I know the shadow is obvious and that it maybe should have a shadow behind because of the light in the front but quite honestly it doesn’t because of an overhead light.  Some of these paintings have a gloss sealer over the top however this one will remain matt for the time being anyway.  Please know that photos reduced in size for here become more intense in colour and that the actual painting is more muted and hazier looking.

Acrylic on Board

Acrylic on Board

Anyone interested in the round puffs in the composition they are Asclepias Pods Green – also called Hairy Balls or Swan Plant.

I didn’t paint the hairs on these balls as it did not suit the loose style of painting I have used.

Tomorrow night I will be teaching another workshop so with the artist’s permission I will post something new that has been made from the  mixed media selection.

vase and flowers

This is my current painting project using acrylic paints.

flowers photo This gorgeous posy of flowers was given to me to use as inspiration so I am painting it as it is.  I may pull it apart after a while and see what else I can do with it.vase and flowers

Art works


Pink Jug with Bananas

Starting to get a little ‘quirky’ into my still-life paintings, yay happy.

I am a little known for the quirky collage and wall art that I make.

Usually a little surreal, some juxtaposing of scale or something unexpected (that kind of thing).

So I found it really hard to just present bottles, jugs, fruit in still-life paintings and that’s when I questioned whether it was boring or not.  I layered the backgrounds, scratched into surfaces, knocked back colours to bring the image back to a more neutral tone plus a few other techniques.  I have been encouraged by people on my blog, on instagram and in person so many thanks.  This is the most recent one I have done and I feel really good about it because it is not the usual kind of set up.  Yay a bit silly…

Pink Jug with Bananas

Pink Jug with Bananas

browns garden

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day.
I think about things sometimes and wonder how it is that some people think women and men are not equal.

browns garden

The Student Travels

Making the luxury of travel affordable

Krister Eide

I like to draw and paint.

licence d'artiste

par benoit david


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