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Found images from different books come together to dance spanish style. Collage, ephemeral. Instagram annewarrenart#artanddesign#collage#cutout#funny#dance #flipagram #SpanishGuitar made with @flipagram .


See my still-life painting with red apples which is still in progress.

apples 5IMAG0846[1] apples 9 APPLESThe painting before this was for some unknown reason just not working for me (6 or 7 layers of paint wasted).  Started a new painting, new subject new surface and all is going really well.  My husband told me I need to do something with the apples – told him nicely that I am barely half way through.  After all this time he should know not to comment until I ask him to.  When I need a break from something I go to quick humorous collage like the man on the raft.  I will take an image for a walk through a book.  You can see about seven or eight images on this subject on my instagram annewarrenart.  Please say hi if you visit.

s long horizontal vg

Still-life works don’t just sit around in groups.

s glasses s long horizontal vg                                  There’s a lot of movement when trying out a still-life set up for painting.  Lots of things come out of cupboards, off shelves, get dusted, borrowed, then given back and put away again. You soon realise that up to fifty pieces have emerged and that you really only need 2 or three.  These photos are all rejects or research for now.  I have painted bits and pieces of the things above but not these set ups.totem doll z jap 1


Painting workshop with Arnja produced this lovely acrylic on board still-life pumpkin image.

Well done painting this pumpkin from life.  The painting is only half done, in the foreground you can see the beginnings of three cloves of garlic.  Good job, can’t wait for next workshop where we will add light and shade to push back and pull forward certain elements and of course to sand back parts of the background to expose the lovely aubergine coloured underpainting. The finishing touches are so important. By the way Arnya used only four colours.                                                                                              IMAG0575[1] IMAG0576[1]


A gorgeous bouquet of flowers for my next painting – can you name them?

Today I taught an oil pastel workshop and want to thank Rita (Blogger) from newyorknorthfineart (amazing pastel work) for her encouragement.  It went really well.  I had some cheap pastels and then tried the beautiful Sennelier thinking there was nothing in between.  I discovered a beautiful cheap ‘fresh’ brand that worked really well.  My old cheapies were just too dry  and too old to blend. I am so eager to start my next painting but have to wait for underpainting to dry.  Just out of the studio shot is a page of little Morandi images (no flowers) full of restraint – it is there to remind me to keep it simple.

I’m hopeless at naming flowers.  The yellow are little orchids I think, there is a grevillia, a marigold, some really tight pink roses and something that looks like a berry etc.  I asked for something earthy so I got the little branches.  See, I told you I was hopeless with names of flowers.

DSC02675 DSC02680 DSC02681

studio julia

Julia is just six years of age and look at her beautiful pastel and ink artwork.

My studio had to be redesigned to fit in the enormous map drawers that I recently acquired. It was so hard to eliminate things from the studio as you never know when you might need them again.  I even reduced the size of the table for more floor space.  Still in progress but definitely a nice place to work in.

I recently purchased sennelier oil pastels as I will be teaching a workshop soon and wanted to know the difference between the cheap or student oil pastels and quality ones.  As they say, chalk and cheese.  The sennelier are beautiful to use, soft and creamy.  I made a couple of sample pics and then decided to make an abstract which requires a looser style.  I broke three pastels doing this.  I tried out some techniques using pastels and ink with my beautiful niece Julia.

st 1  studio 4 drawers studio julia STUDIO LIFEThese are my little still life pastel and ink drawings.

00729621 (VIC C Class Maxitram Plus Spec Sheet)

Melbourne art trams for the Melbourne Festival. Sadly not mine.

Recently I submitted an image for art on a tram.  The image was from an art exhibition I had called I’m in Smith Street.  As many of the trams travel down Smith Street I thought this image of the buildings would look stunning on the moving tram.  It was a competition and sadly I was just informed that I wasn’t selected however I really enjoyed playing with the template so I am sharing with you.  Maybe when the winning entries are up and running I will photograph and show you.

00729621 (VIC C Class Maxitram Plus Spec Sheet) 00729621 (VIC C Class Maxitram Plus Spec Sheet)


Run down closed up shops are disappearing in Melbourne but I got this old sweet thing today.

bananas I liked the crab cutout and thought about leaving it in the fruit bowl atop the bananas but I’m pretty sure the family would not have appreciated it so I didn’t.   dd  shop


Not photo bombing but collage bombing of noticeboards and retail stores.

IMAG0418[1]sssssssssI have been collage bombing noticeboards and moved to retail setups because I spend more time around them.  I just want people to be a little confused and or surprised by what they see.  No damage done as they are paper and bluetac.

The buildings are in Flinders Lane in the City of Melbourne. Most famous in the past for makers of fashion garments and now retail for fashion, coffee (as it is Melbourne) and for Galleries (yay).

My local park on a wintry morning – the tree in pink was a gift from my camera.

My drawing commission is finished and the owner is thrilled – here is Merlin.

merlin final smallHere is a pencil drawing of Merlin the miniature poodle on Fabriano Paper.

Below are a few of MANY unsuccessful photos during our photo shoot for Merlin.

I used an oil pencil and a kneadable eraser.  I like the oil pencil for its blackness and the fact you can smudge if you wish and it can to a point be erased if you change your mind.  Oh and generally it is not dusty and can be sharpened to a very fine point.

DSC02623 DSC02611 DSC02608 DSC02606 He is very cute and quite boisterous.  DSC02605

Miniature Poodle

Miniature Poodle



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