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This paper image is from collage, digital, paper cut, and then assembled as a wall sculpture. It is only small, the size of your hand.

Categories: Art - Visual
Posted by Anne Warren Art on December 29, 2010
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  1. 01/12/2011

    yes, i’m working my way backward through your blog.

    i’m beginning to get your cut paper sculpture work. i like this concept and what you are doing with it.

    • 01/12/2011

      Thanks Rick, Nice to get a comment. It’s good that someone ‘gets’ what I do.

  2. 01/12/2011

    bwahahahaha. yeah. i know. i know how that works. just keep doing it your way. my philosophy… or part of it… says no one will ever be better at being me than i will. so i’m just going to try to be the best me i can be and create my work the way i want my work to be. if i truly find my own way, no person on earth including myself will have seen my work before i do it. it’s hard to know how to respond to something you’ve never seen before that moment. so it doesnt surprise me that people do not always get my work, or the work of other artists who follow their own ways in creating. i’m okay with that now. sometimes it can be hard. but what it leads to can be very rewarding i think. there is also something to a body of work. if we see on work, we are not quite sure what is intended and pervasive thought all and what is simply one time in that one work. with a body of work, we get that broader perspective that begins to pull everything together with a great force until suddenly people get it. …at least that’s the way it seems to me. yeah, it’s fun to look through your blog. it’s fun to see how you approach your work and where ideas come from and surface and resurface. create on. that’s it as far as i can see. just keep creating on and let the world figure it out in their own time.

    bwahahahahahahaha. when i’m gone i like to think someone will say, hey, wait a minute, look what this guy did!

    yeah, it would be nice if it happened while i was still here. or may be not. may be if that happened i’d stop working. or i’d get locked into one thing. that can still happen. i hope i’d just keep right on going tho and simply say thanks. it’s good to talk with you. have fun. fun is always a good thing the way i see it. aloha.

    • 01/12/2011

      ha. i dont always re-read for typos. but the typos in this sentence are very confusing, so here it is again corrected. at least a little corrected. i hope:

      if we see one work, we are not quite sure what is intended and pervasive throughout all and what is simply one time in that one work.


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