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Last night, New Year’s Eve, I was inspired to make lots of small cuts into some found images. I like the result, haven’t decided how to use them yet. Just enjoying the idea of moving them into different environments.

Categories: Art - Visual
Posted by Anne Warren Art on January 1, 2011
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  1. 01/12/2011

    wow. these are both terrific. i really like the patterns and textures you have going with “Little Boats”. this is a very intriguing process. i’ve played with some similar ideas off and on (mostly a long time ago) – i didnt get to the point where you are in Little Boats tho. that has a lot of appeal to me. do you weave paper too? i’ve played with that some more recently. …well, in the last 1-3 years i suspect. i like what you have going in these.

    • 01/12/2011

      I’ve done nothing with the New Year’s Eve things, just stored them in my head as ideas.

  2. 01/12/2011

    i can understand that. i frequently gather and respond to things immediately as they happen or i see them. most of the time i dont know how or where i will actually use that stuff, but i know.. or feel.. it will have a place when it’s time. it’s so much fun when i have just the right thing that i gathered years ago for something i’m doing now. …which is why my studio looks the way it does. that’s okay by me. altho i do try now to be more selective in what i gather. a sculptor friend once told me his solution to that was to simply remember where he’d seen things and leave them where they were. that works sometimes. …sometimes tho… i find i like having the work or bits of things where i can watch them and understand why they appeal to me and what they have to say about how they will fit in with my work. fun. some people are appalled by my studio. some are dazzled and inspired. i just plain like it as it is. so i keep it the way i like it.


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