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It is well worth a look at the Extra Extra exhibition if you happen to be anywhere near North Fitzroy.

Printmaking lives on in a digital age

June 9, 2011

<img src="×0.jpg&quot; alt="Elyss McCleary's Newspaper Wall is one of the works on show at the Extra Extra 011110 exhibition.” />Elyss McCleary’s Newspaper Wall is one of the works on show at the Extra Extra 011110 exhibition. Photo: Paul Rovere

IF PRINTERS are going out of business in the digital age, then what is the future for printmakers?

”Alive and well”, according to Jakob Schmitt, 33. ”It’s a beautiful process and a lot of people are reverting to that winding something through a wheel.

When so much now is digital it’s refreshing to have a process that has an old-school rawness to it,” said the printmaker who organised the Extra Extra 011110 exhibition that opened at The Library Artspace in North Fitzroy last night.

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Given his feelings for print, it’s no surprise that Schmitt and the 13 other artists – who all teach at Arts Project Australia for disabled artists – drew their inspiration for their group show from the print edition of The Age from November 1 last year rather than the iPad version of the newspaper.

”We were looking for a theme and randomly chose The Age because of the tactile nature of a newspaper,” said Schmitt, whose own entry replicates The Age crossword and ”Target” quiz from that day. ”And as a printmaker I really liked the graphic and striking nature of a crossword,” he said.

But don’t go looking for a solution to Schmitt’s Target quiz because he changed one letter ”to keep people guessing”.

The artists chose the November 1, 2010 edition of The Age for the ”aesthetics” of how the date looks as the palindromic number 011110.

The date also looks somewhat Satanic, though in this case that’s only true if you consider horse-racing the Devil’s work.

November 1, 2010 was Melbourne Cup eve so almost half the art works in the show have a horse-racing theme.

The works, which are for sale, include paintings, sculpture, collage, silversmithing and one video work – images of Miss Universe 2010 accompanied by Bruce McAvaney’s call of last year’s Melbourne Cup won by Americain.


Extra Extra 011110 is at The Library Artspace, 100 Barkly Street, North Fitzroy, until July 2.

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Posted by Anne Warren Art on June 10, 2011

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