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I am offering a small character collage to the first person to identify the location of this wall in Collingwood (Melb).

A new adjustment.

A new adjustment.

If you read my last post – dog brushed up against this drawing and ruined the pristine white so I inked it and now I have blacked it. Getting there, still thinking and looking at what else I can do to it.

Clue = Close to Fitzroy, ask if you need more clues.

Posted by Anne Warren Art on April 28, 2013
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  1. 04/28/2013

    I have no idea where you are, but I am going to guess the library! Close?

  2. 04/29/2013

    No I’m not at the Library. A further clue is that it is near Fitzroy. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  3. 04/29/2013

    Are you near the school? The church? The hospital? The museum? Just kidding – I don’t even know where Fitzroy is, but thank you for the extra clue. I do hope someone finds you soon!

    • 04/29/2013

      That was funny. You should google the location its actually a really vibrant place.

  4. 04/29/2013

    Smith street butcher?

    • 04/29/2013

      No but a further clue is the front of this building is on Smith Street but it doesnt look the same. There is a side street that it runs off.

  5. 04/29/2013
    Vicki Koch

    Is it on the corner of Peel St?

  6. 04/29/2013

    Come on have a go – a street that runs off Smith Street in Collingwood.

  7. 04/29/2013

    Vicki you are close.

  8. 04/29/2013
    Vicki Koch

    What about Otter st

  9. 04/29/2013
    Vicki Koch

    Landrigde or Stanley,I’m running out of ideas

    • 04/30/2013

      Vicki you got it – its a building on the corner of Langridge and Smith Street. Not sure if you are in Melbourne but it is the Last Laugh building but the very back. I was waiting for someone to get off the train and looked over and saw this amazing wall. Please email me your address and I will send you the collage.

      • 05/3/2013
        Vicki Koch

        Thank you Anne,mum received her gift this morning. The idiot postman forced it into the letterbox and smashed the glass and frame, I’ve told her to put in a complaint to Aus post

      • 05/3/2013

        I replied via my phone – just in case you didn’t get it I want to say I’m sorry that happened, I was hoping to bring a smile to someones face but instead it has been dissapointment. Best thing is to discard frame and just enjoy as it is. Regards, Anne

  10. 04/29/2013
    Vicki Koch

    Do you know when it’s appearance changed?

  11. 04/30/2013

    A wonderful piece.


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