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I’m sharing with you some tiny new collages from my visual diary and an image from the art workshops that I teach – hope you like them. Send me a comment I would love to know what you think.

f duck f man fingertips f man in love f man f two women f woman  f two in treeIMAG3486  The last image of four circles (love circles at the moment) are by artists that have taken art workshops in my studio.  They took home this work and ink prepared surfaces along with ideas and cutouts to make more in their own time.

I enjoy cutting out images, giving them texture and light to alter them further.  I made a little instagram video of the two in the tree but unfortunately it was cut a little short.  I’m still learning.  If you go on instagram enter my name and you should be able to see and hear it as I have a gorgeous Carly Simon song accompanying it.

Posted by Anne Warren Art on February 2, 2014
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  1. 02/2/2014

    A lot of imagination going on here….very impressive…

  2. 02/2/2014

    Very inspiring.

  3. 02/2/2014

    Hi Anne,
    I really am enjoying your work, especially the collages shown here.

    Not that size matters but are they all like the ones on the cubboard doors? I have a collection myself and am struggling with the print sizes. They are digital ones. My own cutout work is still not complete and ready to be shown outside the online world.
    Your idea of cutting the lines in the faces and giving it volume And thought that way, is very good I find! Really nice and interesting to.
    p.s. the image of you on your about page made me laugh. You know, happy doing your thing and moving the tools along the way.

    • 02/3/2014

      Do you mean you are struggling with what size to print? Depends on the image you are working with as to what size it should be. Although through artschool ‘small’ is discouraged I still like it and the nature of collage is already dictated when you pick up a book. Digital gives you more choices. Most of my physical collages (cutout) are up to A4 in size often mixed with ink, paint etc. Thanks for taking the time to comment and like you I do love what I am doing very much.

      • 02/3/2014

        Yes the size…That is a good reminder…’when you pick up a book’.
        It usually is A4. That is a good starting point I think.
        Thanks for answering, I appreciate it Anne.
        Kind regards

  4. 02/3/2014

    I love the slippage in the collages faces/figures

    • 02/3/2014

      Slippage – thats nice. It really only needed the tiniest amount for effect. Thanks for taking time to comment.

  5. 02/3/2014

    I like very much. You are very creative with your cutting and arranging.

  6. 02/4/2014

    I quite recently saw an expo of Ellen Gallagher in Tampere, Finland. Is that an artist that you like? There is something about her collages that I find similar to the pieces you have posted on your blog 🙂

    • 02/4/2014

      Thankyou for taking the time to let me know about Ellen Gallagher. I loved what I saw and found some interesting similarities which is great as we are physically miles apart. Very much appreciated. Do you Instagram?

      • 02/5/2014

        I do not instagram yet. Just figuring out some technicalities on my phone. Will connect with you once it is settled 🙂

  7. 02/10/2014

    I love these. Appreciate that such a simple (in the good sense) change can profoundly inform how the image is perceived. I am a fan of your work, I am going to try physical collage soon, and I will reference these when I do. They are great.

    • 02/10/2014

      Thankyou for your very nice comments. It’s great that you are going to make some collage – would love to see them when they are done. I did some simple spirals of inked paper and loved them but didnt post because I thought others might think ‘too simple’. I’ve gone a little crazy doing circles.


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