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I have been selected to exhibit artwork in a group show for International Women’s Day 2014.

No Slide TitleThe venue is a magnificent historic building that was once the Royal Mint Building.

There will be several events happening on the day of opening (9th March) so it would be a wonderful time to see some of you there.

I believe the event will be on show until 24th March if you cant be at the opening.  There is an RSVP mostly for refreshments and please know that you are all welcome.

It may be my first outing on crutches – if we havent met yet well the crutches (knee replacement) will be a real givaway.

I’m pretty excited about this and as I learn more I will add to this post for your information.

Posted by Anne Warren Art on February 28, 2014
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  1. 02/28/2014

    That is so cool! I’ll iron my WordPress T shirt, just for you!

    • 03/3/2014

      Thats lovely Terry. I just need to let you know that the three pieces I am exhibiting you have already seen. You are more than welcome to come to the event and be Greek for the day. I doubt I will stay long. I often hear my husband on the phone saying yeah shes doing really well – I’m trying but it hurts.

      • 03/4/2014

        My wife/muse is coming to meet you…….. if we miss you I will show her your beautiful work. Get well soon. Do what you can. Pain is everything they say it is. I would be proud to be a Greek for a day, just don’t tell mu Italian ancestors.

  2. 02/28/2014

    Reblogged this on Random Rose's Blog.

  3. 02/28/2014

    Looking forward to meeting you

    • 03/3/2014

      Me too, I doubt I will be there too long though because of the knee op.

  4. 02/28/2014

    Congratulations. 🙂

  5. 03/9/2014

    Saw your work today at the exhibition, they look great. Your attention to detail is amazing. My friend came with me and she was gobsmacked. Kept an eye out for you but had to leave about 3.20pm. Sorry we didn’t catch up.
    One ones next to yours, the candle wax ones were very interesting, I like them.

    • 03/9/2014

      Thankyou so much for coming. I was hoping to see you and I was there quite early. I think my first stop was upstairs to see G Raftopoulos ‘work so I may have missed you at that time. Sorry. Thanks for your kind words I’m sure we will meet sooner or later and hopefully with your friend as well. I actually studied drawing and have rarely exhibited drawing so I appreciate your comments.

    • 03/12/2014

      Sorry I missed you. Sent a reply from my phone but not sure it went through. Just wanted to say thankyou for taking time to come to this event. We must have just missed each other as I was there at aroud 3.00 however I went upstairs (lift) to see G. Raftopoulos wonderful work. Hope to meet you and your friend one day – in November we have open studios in Alphington so I’ll keep posting.

      • 03/12/2014

        Oh, damn, We were going upstairs but decided to keep looking then it got very busy so we left. Never mind, next time…and there will be a next time, you work is beautiful .

  6. 04/7/2014

    Reblogged this on MONIQUE A. GORDON and commented:
    Must see surreal images


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