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Art in a Box Collage Workshop with Anne.

Last week I held a workshop called Art in a Box for Jackey and Rosa.  They used ink, a found cardboard box, found images from magazines and books, 3d double sided tape for dimension, and they used me to assist with cutting their selections so that they would have lots of different things to choose from.

Very creative pieces, beautifully done.  They brought their talent with them and it flowed into the assemblages below.

Jackie’s quirky car with some vanitas symbols. jackey 1 rosa spaceman original Rosa’s boy with spaceman and maps of the world.rosa workingRosa in the studio considering her next move.

Posted by Anne Warren Art on January 28, 2015
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  1. 01/28/2015

    These are brilliant. Something about that map one really speaks to me.

    • 01/30/2015

      Yes I like the way it was integrated into a brand new image. Thanks Laura, Anne

  2. 01/29/2015

    I like the boy spaceman one, but I’ve got a weakness for maps.

  3. 02/8/2015

    Hi Anne
    This looks like a really interesting workshop, there’s something quiet intriguing about art in a box. Really like the concept.

    • 02/8/2015

      Hello Eve, Thankyou for liking my post. You are very well organised, have a great blog and website, have a wonderful space for creating work and I love the long tables and space. My situation is one on one or up to three people only for workshops as space is limited. I look forward to more of your posts.


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