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Can you make out what the collage cutouts are in my Art Circle?

wordpress fr 2 wordpress fr 3 wordpress fr 4I have further developed what started as small doodles and grouped them together.  These circles in fact are much larger at 23cm diameter.

wordpress fr 6 The circle on the left is current, the circle on the right is what it looked like before.  I painted out the image and turned it over because I liked the ink staining on the edges. The gouping of cutouts above are the ones I have used in this image.  Can you make out what they are?  Anything goes with mixed media.  I have used really heavy arches watercolour paper so that it does not buckle and can handle the torture I put it under.  Yesterday I even scrubbed it with my kitchen scourer.wordpress fragments 5

This is just a snippet of some of the work I have been making or playing with.

I have just emailed my Art Workshops Summer Newsletter to those that signed up for contact.  If you are interested in classes please let me know.

IMAG7158 Having coffee at Studley Park Boathouse because it’s a gorgeous Summer day.wordpress fragments

Posted by Anne Warren Art on February 6, 2015
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  1. 02/6/2015

    I think the mystery collage doodles look like parts of birds.

  2. 02/6/2015

    i’d say it they were either fish or birds. regardless, they’re extremely cool! 🙂

    • 02/8/2015

      Correct Ruthie. Mostly birds were used and I agree they look like fish. Didn’t use any fish at all. Thanks for commenting, love hearing back.


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