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Still life painting, boring or not?

underpaintingstill life in progress

I bought the slim conical vase or candle holder and the two pewter tankards (one is inscribed 1957 old boys gold day) and the white vase from an op shop (thrift shop) all for $9.00.  I am continuing with the still life painting with references to morandi, in particular the simplified palette.  This painting is approximately A4 in size and is painted in acrylic on board.  I am happy with what I have done so far however I feel as if I should place something in any future still life work that reflects 2015.  I’m also worried that the subject matter may be boring. I’ll think about it a bit more but will keep going for now as I am on a roll.  If you have any comments regarding painting still life please let me know.

The two pictures at the top are underpainting and work in progress.still life bottles 3

Posted by Anne Warren Art on February 27, 2015
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  1. 02/27/2015

    Love this painting. How big is it? and is it for sale? I can’t buy it but I’d pass it on – love it!!!!

  2. 02/27/2015

    Hi Jason, That’s so great that you also thought of Morandi. I am referencing his limited palette and have mentioned that on instagram. Look me up if you like. annewarrenart . Thanks again.

  3. 02/27/2015

    I find still life really difficult. These colors work really well together, and I like the composition of it (something I also struggle with) also. Not boring at all!

  4. 02/27/2015

    Still lifes are never boring. I like this, I think you have created interest and contrast with your limited palette. Nice work!

  5. 02/27/2015
    Sharon Mann

    Hi Ann – I had to visit this beautiful painting again this morning. Brava!

    • 02/28/2015

      That is so nice Sharon, much appreciated. I see you are also a mixed media artist.

  6. 02/27/2015

    I really like it. The objects complement each other well and also provide contrast between the different materials and surface types you have rendered. I also like the composition with the main subjects all being to one side.

  7. 02/28/2015

    I love still life and appreciate how difficult to do they can actually be.Your work is beautiful.

    • 02/28/2015

      Thanks for the compliment. I’m looking around for something to paint now.

  8. 02/28/2015


    • 03/1/2015

      Thanks for taking the time to reply.

      • 03/1/2015

        I really like still life work when it’s like this one.

  9. 03/28/2015

    Still life is not boring, and neither is yours. We study the things that interest us in our surroundings, and they tell stories, and mark our times, or just for sake of their color, light and shade. We also have more control to play with the compositions and lighting. Great job!


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