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Sticking with the still life for a bit but I had a day off to shop in Chapel Street Prahran yesterday.

Thanks for your encouragement regarding last post – still-life boring or not.  I am continuing with it and am finding that each one changes a little in style so I am enjoying these development stages.  Oh and by the way my husband, my dear neighbours and I are on the lookout for bits and pieces for me to paint.  I had some shopping to do in Chapel Street Prahran/Windsor yesterday so I took these pics.  The vintage/junk place is a market shop in Greville Street.  Amazing things.IMAG7466 IMAG7467 IMAG7469 IMAG7470 IMAG7471 still life no

Posted by Anne Warren Art on March 4, 2015
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  1. 03/4/2015

    you snuck a lot of colors in there…very nice

  2. 03/4/2015

    That junk shop looks amazing. I think I could spend hours in there. I really like the colours and composition in your still life.

    • 03/5/2015

      It was my first time there and I loved it. I looked about and saw all the things I have discarded over the years and fell in love with them again.

  3. 03/5/2015

    loving the still life

    • 03/5/2015

      Thankyou I’m surprised that I am loving it as well but I will push to develop into my own style. I think I have a bit.

  4. 03/6/2015

    The junk shop is Chapel Street Bazaar for anyone who wants to find it 🙂 Like getting lost down a rabbit hole in there!

    Thanks for dropping by Anne; plenty of galleries around these parts for your next visit too.

    • 03/6/2015

      My pleasure. I also mentioned it on Instagram under annewarrenart and people loved it.


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