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Melbourne art trams for the Melbourne Festival. Sadly not mine.

Recently I submitted an image for art on a tram.  The image was from an art exhibition I had called I’m in Smith Street.  As many of the trams travel down Smith Street I thought this image of the buildings would look stunning on the moving tram.  It was a competition and sadly I was just informed that I wasn’t selected however I really enjoyed playing with the template so I am sharing with you.  Maybe when the winning entries are up and running I will photograph and show you.

00729621 (VIC C Class Maxitram Plus Spec Sheet) 00729621 (VIC C Class Maxitram Plus Spec Sheet)

Posted by Anne Warren Art on June 26, 2015
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  1. 06/26/2015
    Sharon Mann

    Great idea Anne, it will be interesting to see the winning entry.

  2. 06/26/2015

    Looks like a great idea, best of luck next time! So much of these things are luck of the draw. As my former head of workshop said we just have to keep applying.

    • 06/27/2015

      Thanks Leonie. Yes I tried but as I said I really enjoyed playing with the template so it wasn’t all negative. I still think it would have looked spectacular especially as the brief was to do with architecture. Oh well.

  3. 06/27/2015

    Shame your design wasn’t chosen. I really like it!

  4. 07/11/2015

    It was a great idea…perhaps next time?! 🙂

    • 07/12/2015

      Thankyou and maybe but not sure. Do you post on instagram?

      • 07/12/2015

        No, I don’t post on Instagram, just my WordPress site.

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