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My still-life paintings are being exhibited very soon.

Finally it’s here, the Out of the box group of artists that I have exhibited with for over 13 years are having their 2015 exhibition titled SEVEN.

I have posted a few pictures over the past few months plus another one here today.  If you wish to discuss you can contact me or the gallery for further information or other images.

seven tiny Flowers and cherries

I have seven acrylic paintings/oil pencil works on board plus seven tiny 12.5 x 12.5cm works that are details or responses to the larger works.  All the work is still-life layered acrylic paintings using a limited palette.  The works have been scratched, sprayed, sanded to reveal underpainted colours.  I have had Morandi on my mind in the making of this body of work.

Posted by Anne Warren Art on August 21, 2015
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  1. 08/21/2015

    Congratulations and have a great show

  2. 08/21/2015

    Awesome Anne, I love your color palette.

  3. 08/21/2015


  4. 08/21/2015

    Something about the simple but not simple flatness of the white background is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Who is this Morandi? I am Henry from HR artspace over in California.

    • 08/22/2015

      Thankyou very much. You must look up Giorgio Morandi to see my inspiration.

  5. 08/21/2015

    Congratulations. I love your palette and interesting compositions. Have a great show.

  6. 08/22/2015

    Congratulations. I hope you have a great show.


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