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Spoons ready to be picked up and a new group being carved now.

Sold all my spoons at the open studio which was a great success.  I didn’t realise that other people love spoons as much as I do.  (Actually I like all cutlery that has an interesting design).  I have started another little group now.  The tiny 10cm spoons are for little ceramic pots of jam or similar and the longer fish spoon is the first baby spoon I have made and is of course for my grandson Mason.  They are all made from huon pine which grows only in Tasmania /Australia and as the cutting of live huon pine trees stopped in 1960 they are a bit special.  Fortunately there are still cut pieces of timber available around Australia.  I describe the scent of this tree as vanilla and menthol.   Oh and I just learn’t a  great new word to describe what I am carving:  treen.

Posted by Anne Warren Art on December 2, 2016
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  1. 12/2/2016

    Well done you. I love huon pine. My partner dragged several bits back from Tassie and we have some beautiful cutting boards from them. The smell is wonderful. He’s also carved some spoons from smaller pieces.
    My favourite piece I saw was a bread board which was over 100 years old (passed through the family), an amazing piece of work and such patina. I hope to pass ours on down through our family.

    • 12/2/2016

      Nice story. I hope my simple spoons will become heirlooms especially the baby spoon I made. I must say that the smell when working with huonpine pine can be overwhelming.

  2. 12/4/2016

    These are awsome! you’re extremely talented!

    • 12/12/2016

      Very kind of you to say so. I am still learning and hoping to develop further.


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