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Anne in Studio

Anne working in studio

From a photo I have taken or from a found image in a book I respond to the visual images that are around me. I will juxtapose an image or part of into a new environment to allow the viewer to interpret as they wish.

I have a Diploma in Visual Art as well as a Bachelor in Fine Art (Drawing) from RMIT University (2009). I am currently exhibiting, part of Alphington Open Studios, the Out of the Box group of artists and teaching mixed media, digital, collage, assemblage, drawing workshops from my studio.

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  1. 04/3/2013

    Hi Anne, thank you for visiting my blog and liking my “End of summer scramble” post. It has given me the opportunity to check out your blog, and so far I am really enjoying your art work.

    • 02/11/2014

      Likewise – a great chance to see your work.

  2. 05/28/2013

    Thank you Anne, for liking my post of today!

  3. 09/28/2013


  4. 12/20/2013

    Thank you sooo much for following me, I appreciate it and look forward to checking you out regularly. cheers Rosie

  5. 01/25/2014

    Hello, Anne! Great to see your blog, and thanks so much for liking my most recent post. Best wishes to you, Catherine

  6. 02/3/2014

    Love your work! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • 02/3/2014

      Thankyou Joe. After reading your blog I want to say great work and great generosity in sharing your process. Artists are generous aren’t they.

  7. 02/10/2014

    Hello Anne, thanks for visiting 1421art. Especially enjoyed your ‘drift’ piece. Appreciate any WOM on FWPM. Continued treasures in the environment!

  8. 02/13/2014

    I really like the man with the building on his back. So thought provoking!

  9. 02/14/2014

    Hi Thank you for liking a post . Good luck on your blog .Your pictures are great:)

  10. 03/13/2014

    Thanks for the like on my Reptilian doodle.

  11. 07/21/2014
    Ron Nilson

    Greetings Anne. Thank you for liking “The Circumference of Thought”, and enabling me to connect with your art.

  12. 07/29/2014

    Hi Anne, Thanks for stopping by my Daily Record 365. I’m looking forward to exploring your gallery. Great work from what I see already! Love it!

  13. 08/26/2014

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Anne. I like what I see in your gallery. Corinne

  14. 10/13/2014

    how lovely. this woman has talent. wishing her all the best

  15. 12/13/2014

    Hi Anne, Thank you for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ it. I am new to blogging so it is very exciting to get comments etc! I am hoping to connect with a community of like-minded artists who are interested in/working in the area of environmental art. I don’t know whether you visited one of the blogs I follow. It is by an American artist who photographs his creations of found rubbish on the Ohio river. It’s a fabulous blog and well worth a visit.

    • 12/13/2014

      Hi Julie,
      I have been posting pics etc for a number of years now and am so not a tech person. I got stuck with gravatar which I still dont get. I googled it and still couldnt get to you. Good luck with everything – maybe you can teach me. By the way I am gifting alot of pieces this Christmas to people I don’t usually give gifts to. Just hope they don’t give me anything back. I will go through your blog to find the name of the artist you mentioned.

  16. 12/30/2014

    Fun blog Anne thanks.

  17. 02/2/2015

    Lovely work. x

  18. 02/10/2015

    Hi there! Thanks for following my blog. I really like your artwork!

  19. 04/13/2015

    Hi, Anne, thanks for visiting my art blog. I love your collage 🙂

  20. 05/1/2015

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks for liking my take on Alice in Wonderland 🙂 I love this platform because it allows me to be made aware of great artists out there! – love your work

  21. 06/2/2015

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks for dropping by on my blog. Love the collage work, I use collage alot in my work as a teacher….extra ideas are always welcome!

    • 06/3/2015

      You’re welcome Peter. I enjoyed your site and your insight into education. I have never done anything as big as you have however just today I made a submission to have my work on a tram. I must wait now to see if I will be selected.

      • 06/3/2015

        Good luck with that Anne…pictures on your blog of the tram in the future hopefully!

  22. 06/8/2015

    Hello Anne – Thanks for visiting our blog. I am curating an art & tech exhibit this summer. I wonder if you might be interested in sending a few small digital works. Email me if you’re interested and I’ll give you more details. Thanks, Angela

    • 06/9/2015

      Thanks Angela,
      Please send me more information as I am always interested in showing my work at new events. Hope to hear from you.
      Regards, Anne Warren Email:

  23. 08/8/2015

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the range of your work. Your soft still life paintings are quite appealing, and your collages definitely have a humorous twist that I like.

  24. 11/23/2015
    Andrea O'Bryan

    Hi Anne,

    I am interested in doing a workshop in collage on either a week night or a weekend. Coudl you please advise if you might be soon offering one.I live in Murrumbeena and work In Dandenong so I’M also wondering where your classes are located. Thanks Andrea,

    • 11/23/2015

      Hi Andrea, I am doing first tues and first thursday in each month at $45 for three hrs as a small group if either class suits please let me know and I will put your name down. Otherwise I will do one on one if you wish for $30 per hour – 2 hours minimum. Please check which workshop interests you the most. You can take just one class to learn about materials and some simple techniques or you can put your name down for a few different classes and can continue with your lessons. I am in Alphington which is a bit of a distance from you. If you would like to send me your email address I will put you down to receive a more comprehensive outline of what we will do in the workshop and you can then think about it. Thanks, Anne Warren

  25. 12/8/2015

    Hello, my name is Holly and I am studying A level Art and I came across your gallery. I especially like the piece you did with circles and parts cut out. It would be most appreciated if you would tell me what inspired you to create this piece of art. I have been inspired by this piece of work and currently working on my own cutouts in tights.

    • 12/11/2015

      Hi Holly I started with found images of faces and started to cut more and more of the image away until it was almost reduced to just lines. I was excited to find that the image although abstracted could still be read quite easily by the viewer. I studied drawing at University and my Lecturers said I was drawing with scissors. The cutout shapes became more and more abstract for me when I was cutting and there was a steam of consciousness thing happening.

  26. 12/29/2015

    Hi Anne,
    I really like your work! I’m so glad you “liked” my post so i could find your blog! Best, Tara

    • 12/30/2015

      I regularly make avgolemono soup and love it. I learn’t to make it from my Greek mother. I appreciate that you have acknowledged changes to the traditional. It was always a white soup so it never included the yolks.

      • 12/30/2015

        Anne, that’s so interesting — I’ve never seen it with just the egg whites! I wonder if it’s a regional thing?

  27. 04/19/2016

    Very intresting works ! Thank you stopping by my site.Koydl

  28. 06/16/2016


    Thank you for liking my image. If you would like to see more visit my blog “mystreetpics” ChrisK

  29. 08/12/2016

    Interesting work Anne. Thanks for stopping by at the Pinacoteca and liking my site, appreciated.

  30. 11/21/2016

    Very cool art!


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