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Melbourne’s winter. Missing the warmth of the sun.





Making cutout circle shapes is meditative and rewarding. Since an operation on my knee eight weeks ago my desire to make art was limited to a small space near the couch I was recuperating on.


cutout paper circles

This piece is installed on a wall and is complete. Individual circle cutout paper assemblage

circle 2 circle 3 odd circle 4 odd circle 5 puddle circle 6 oddThese photos are of pieces prepared and not yet installed.  I have made two packs of cutouts as commissions that required the new owner to install the way they wished (brief instructions only – not artistic),

I will probably make more packs for the Alphington Open Studio exhibition in November as people are enjoying the playfulness in installing and creating an artwork.  As most are circle shapes you will see I have now made  new blobby shapes – who knows where it will take me now that I am more mobile.



Had something to eat at Madamme Sou Sou in Brunswick Street Fitzroy then popped over to Collingwood and wanted to share some of the scenery with you. Not spectacular or terribly different or new but I think it is interesting and hope that these types of places will be preserved from development even though they are not gorgeous.

madamme sousou 2 madamme sousou sackville street collingwood 2 Sackville Street Collingwood

Fitzroy and Collingwood.  Quaint, unpretentious, ethnic mix, tolerate most things, crap parking, great walking, historic, best coffee … I could keep going, please add anything….

Next time I will post some information of the Alphington Open Studio Weekend 23-24th November 2013.  Loads of Art, 13 different artists

making things like sculpture, mosaic, drawing, collage, textiles etc……

If you want to see the invite already go to alphingtonstudios on wordpress.

Abstract painting just finished. For now anyway.


I’m happy with progress so far.  I feel like it’s finished but still need time to look and consider.

Here are a couple of little people collage cutouts I made a while ago and another abstract that I think I have finished.

abstract paintingThe weather is improving, my garden is blooming (I only have a few flowers but still happy), I have exhibitions coming up, framing to be done but everything is going well. Hope you like my hybrid people. They are cutouts from old books, they sometimes have just two breaks and other times up to four breaks (or different sources). The abstract is in acrylic. The birdcage keeps changing with no deliberate attempt to decorate it just seems to be draped with more and more flowers and beads. Looks a bit like an ornate alter.src=”″ alt=”acrylic painting” width=”258″ height=”300″ class=”size-medium wp-image-2606″ /> acrylic painting[/caption]



striped pant lady

IMAG2282 The suitcase speakers are fantastic – spotted them for sale at the Camberwell Market on Sunday. Clever idea.

Three trains being hauled to the top of a building. That was a weird sight to see even for dear old Collingwood.






IMAG2192 The word on the street is that the trains will become a restaurant. If in Melbourne you can see them near the corner of Easey and Budd Street Collingwood. I think I saw about 20 photographers recording the installation. I love industrial Collingwood (soon to be funky Collingwood). See also some of the grafitti from surrounding street.

I changed my painting again. I’m liking it at this particular moment. This is a detail only.

sunup detail

Detail from Noontide

Detail from Noontide

loose threads detail 2

loose thread detail 1

Abstract Painting

My old dad will turn 90 this month.

In 1954 my father was gifted 10 pounds for his Carpentry skills and a passage by ship (Cyrenia) for himself and his family to Australia. His entire life was carpentry as a full time job and on weekends he made things to order. But he had this other skill that scared me so badly. People from the Greek community knew of him and his medical skills and so word got around and people (strangers) would turn up in pain and ask him to help them. From a dislocated leg or arm, to infected sores or cuts to the especially scary cupping and cupping with blood letting. He lost my dear mother 20 years ago and about 6 years ago was diagnosed with Parkinsons yet he still lives independently, uses a walker to get to the shopping strip and buy his newspaper etc. He has a carer to take him shopping and another that does a little cleaning and family members that drop in to visit him once or twice a week. Congratulations Dad – Anastasios Sampsonidis. ]ids=”2530,2531,2529,2528,2527,2526,2525,2524,2523,2533″]

Eva Hesse abstract I saw today at national gallery Victoria. Everyone else was there to see the Monet exhibition.


I saw some fantastic work.  What’s with the stupid mezzanine that is only accessed by an enormous ramp.  Ngv you lost the simplicity of the original architecture and have created lots of twists and turns and ugly voids.



John Malone

playful panda

To Pikap Community - Art In Thessaloniki

Μια προσπάθεια συγκέντρωσης και παρουσίασης της εικαστικής καλλιτεχνικής δημιουργίας στην πόλη της Θεσσαλονίκης. An attempt to assemble and present the visual artistic creation in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

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