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Had an invitation to afternoon tea. Delicious.

The lovely Jan (neighbour, friend, art student, artist, ex fitzroy resident) invited me for a gorgeous afternoon tea in Alphington.  Jan’s house overlooks Latrobe Golf Club.  I have added a spoon I made a few month ago as I am still in the middle of finishing a couple of new carved spoons and a black and white picture that I just love.  I am no photographer but I think I just got lucky with this photogenic little girl (Julia).

Drawings, paintings, flat-files nothing is better than plan or map drawers to keep them in.

I have a couple of exhibitions coming up so am working on the still-life most days now.   Will post an invitation to the exhibition soon – upcoming ‘Small Works’ exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery.

This magnificant plan drawer cabinet is a new addition to my studio which has not quite made it there yet because I will

need to reconfigure where – how to get it in there as it is currently in my lounge room.    I’m still a little overwhelmed by the size of it.  plan drawers may 2015

Sticking with the still life for a bit but I had a day off to shop in Chapel Street Prahran yesterday.

Thanks for your encouragement regarding last post – still-life boring or not.  I am continuing with it and am finding that each one changes a little in style so I am enjoying these development stages.  Oh and by the way my husband, my dear neighbours and I are on the lookout for bits and pieces for me to paint.  I had some shopping to do in Chapel Street Prahran/Windsor yesterday so I took these pics.  The vintage/junk place is a market shop in Greville Street.  Amazing things.IMAG7466 IMAG7467 IMAG7469 IMAG7470 IMAG7471 still life no

John Malone

playful panda

To Pikap Community - Art In Thessaloniki

Μια προσπάθεια συγκέντρωσης και παρουσίασης της εικαστικής καλλιτεχνικής δημιουργίας στην πόλη της Θεσσαλονίκης. An attempt to assemble and present the visual artistic creation in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Life with Leonie

A personal account of my experiences and adventures, starting with my move to Melbourne Australia to live and study for the next 5 months.

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