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Anne Warren life drawing 1helmet birdpears  Acrylic on Boardabstract square

Wall CollageBallettotem horses and screwdriverDrawingscribbletwo apples


pasticceria                         Ninna portrait full               ,



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  1. 04/25/2013

    I really like your style of painting and drawing!

  2. 06/10/2013

    lovely selection of work here

  3. 09/12/2013

    Hi Anne, I like your work and your innovative idea’s, also thanks for your appreciation on my drawing!

    • 09/13/2013

      You’re very welcome and thanks for taking the time to look at my work.

  4. 11/15/2013

    Beautiful/awesome folio of work Anne 🙂

  5. 12/8/2013

    Beautiful work! So Unique! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. 12/10/2013

    Hi Anne — I really like your work! I’m glad you like my blog post!

  7. 12/16/2013

    Thank your for liking ‘Seascape commission part 3’. your drawing is amazing.

  8. 12/18/2013

    Great work, Anne!

  9. 01/10/2014

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for checking into my site. Enjoying yours.

  10. 03/11/2014

    Hello Anne, thanks for stopping by my blog and the like. Your work is great, really unique – and your style really is very impressive, so versatile, I like that a lot. Will be back 😉
    Best wishes from Germany

    • 03/12/2014

      Hello Cris, Thanks for lovely comments. Yep I am versatile or perhaps I get bored with just one medium, not sure. Look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.

      • 03/12/2014

        Hi there, thanks for the follow, yes I am absolutely with you when it comes to getting bored with just one medium 😉 , I´ve got my head and hands on several diff. painting-crafting-sculpting projects and enjoy it …am glad to have met you and will follow you as well, really inspiring space here ,-)

  11. 03/15/2014

    Interesting art! Thank you for visiting and liking my post.

  12. 04/5/2014

    Unique Style ,love your work .x

  13. 04/19/2014

    Beautiful pieces!

  14. 07/22/2014

    Thanks for visiting my website and liking my blog.

  15. 08/24/2014

    Looked at your Gallery for the first time today. Great work. It is very DaDa, a movement I have been influenced by for decades, do take it as a compliment. I do have some work on the same lines in my blog. Thanks for producing the images, keep it up. G x

    • 08/25/2014

      Thankyou for taking the time to comment on my work. I am a Dada fan and enjoy mixing things up including different media, hybrid unexpected images. I enjoyed your blog and am now a follower.

  16. 11/19/2014

    Nice! I love your work!

  17. 12/12/2014

    I really love that image of the renaissance owl!

  18. 02/12/2015

    Hi, I just had the chance to look through your gallery and it is quite impressive. Do you sell prints of your work, and if you do, do you have any advice on getting them made? I’m curious about getting some scans of the pieces I’m working on made, but I’ve never considered it before….

    Also, thank you so much for liking my post, and you’re work really is beautiful!

    • 02/13/2015

      Glad you liked the gallery. I do sell my work. I had an exhibition of pigment prints which are the most expensive print you can make – beautiful colours etc etc on hahnemuele paper. If you can find a printer that has 7 or more colours in an inkjet printer you can print on a heavy matt paper and you can save alot of money and the quality is still pretty good. Archivally there are not as many guarantees.

      • 02/13/2015

        Do places like that generally have the set-up to photograph the original as well, or do you do that yourself?

        Thanks for the insight!

      • 02/14/2015

        No it is up to you what quality print you want. You should get the very best quality you can from your camera. It is sometimes possible to get a good print from a mobile phone but a digital camera would be better. 300dpi is best for this.

      • 02/14/2015

        Gotcha! Again, thank you so much!

  19. 03/31/2015

    nice work, interesting, unexpected, inspiring 🙂

  20. 04/2/2015

    Thank you for visiting my page! I really like your painting “Noon Tide”. The colors and shapes feel like vacation to me.

  21. 05/14/2015

    this looks good

  22. 07/29/2015

    I love your work, the diversity is great !

    • 08/5/2015

      Thankyou Julie, Sorry for late reply I appreciate your comment and love hearing from you.

  23. 08/26/2015

    I like the cleanliness of your minimalist style–something I can never seem to accomplish except on occasion. I think I am a reincarnation of a 17th century Dutch painter who needs clutter in their work for fear they will leave something out and cannot leave well enough alone. I admire your ability to focus on a seminal thought and not be distracted. Thank you for stopping by my site. Be well. Smiles…>KB

    • 08/26/2015

      Thankyou i like your comments. Looking at your work is like looking at a movie. A long lingering viewing is required. I want viewers to look and then look again as they have just picked up on a weird element. Both styles work well. I like the richness in your colour selections. I have just completed some work influenced by breugel and it is on instagram annewarrenart.

      • 08/26/2015

        Thank you very much. Unfortunately I wouldn’t have a clue about instagram or how to access it. I’m not much for social media–not that I’m a Luddite but I just have never been quite savvy with such things.Smiles…>KB

      • 08/27/2015

        That’s Ok about Instagram – I love it because it is visual and the comments are usually short and sweet like ‘nice’or ‘love’. I have posted a detail from my newest piece.

      • 08/27/2015

        I like that pieces–the figure with the jet strapped to its back in particular. Having comments such as ‘nice’ and ‘like’ for me wears thin as it is so hard to tell if they really mean anything or are just platitudes. I sometimes even wish people would at least say what they don’t fine compelling in a piece much less go into some explanation of why they do ‘like’ it. It would be good to know what kind of emotions one strikes in the chords of people–some honest feedback that one could feel pushing back or else it is like leaning against a void and one doesn’t know if they are leaning against something of simply falling through. Smiles…>KB

  24. 08/27/2015

    By posting a comment or a word it means a double like which people dont have to do. Its really all about the visual and i am so surprised that people all over the world are doing surreal and dadaist work that i love seeing. 🙂

  25. 12/25/2015

    Beautiful work..!!! 🎄

  26. 01/16/2016

    Loved your variety of work Anne–it is clear you are having fun. I find inspiration from your art and will allow its influence to show..

    • 01/16/2016

      Thanks Richards as I do when I see something similar to what I am doing or attempting to do. Your work is beautiful. I will follow.

  27. 05/10/2016

    Really like your work, as 60 plus art student in UK probably won’t get to attend your classes. But great inspiration

    • 05/10/2016

      Hi Viv, I also studied art late and just felt so happy to have taken the chance. Loved it loved it loved it. You are very lucky to be surrounded by so many galleries. You never know maybe we can collaborate on something in the future.

      • 05/10/2016

        Indeed and I think there are Henry Moore sculptures in Aus. I’m off to a sculpture course on Isle of Portland soon another new avenue . drawing is my real interest

  28. 09/29/2016
    Marlene Lee

    Love your still life paintings. There’s a certain quality about them…magical!

    • 10/18/2016

      Thankyou Marlene. I love making the still-life works and cannot keep away from buying pots and vases etc. My house is full of them.


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