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Collage collaboration for Oct Exhibition.

A lot of fun working with painted and printed papers made by others then assembled by me.

Fun with leftover paint.

Just having a bit of fun at the end of the night with the leftover paint that I will not use tomorrow.

Can you tell I get a kick out of collage?

I like to challenge myself by selecting just one or two books from my collage bookcase to create collage images.  The abstract was just from one page alone – can you see the bedhead, blanket, pillow, childs shoe strap, and a couple of other things?  I often do not stick these things down, they are ephemeral and may turn up in a different image in the future – see the horse repeated.  Can’t do that if you commit with glue however  I was given a visual diary so I feel I need to fill it and I have kept a few of the above in it.

Workshops are still available – email me if you need details.

Collage with fish and humans.

The fish and the human bend and flex so easily as one.

Art Workshops in Melbourne

Just wanted to alert you to some new group workshops in still-life painting and in collage/mixed media.

In the past I offered one on one classes only however I am now able to offer  small group workshops over 3 hours at a reduced price.  In three hours we can cover a lot more and in the middle of it all we can have a break for coffee tea and biscuits.  Having other people alongside you is also a benefit for inspiration.

I am trying to make it simple and memorable:

Still-Life Painting in Acrylic the first Tuesday in every month 

Collage/Mixed Media on the first Thursday in every month

See the page above Art Workshops in Melbourne

Our lovely, friendly, Alphington Garden Fundraiser is nearing.

We are fundraising for a young man that wants a wheelchair that will assist him to stand.

They exist and they are pretty expensive so the community are pitching in to help.

We have trees, shrubs, seeds, succulents and more.

We have a sausage sizzle

We have The Kindest Adult Colouring Book of All Time – a compilation of artworks by 23 artists including, graphic, tattooist, printmaker, illustrator, photographer, collage, drawing, ceramics, cartoonist and more.

4x colourThis is a mock up of a few details I have put together to show you some of the fun artworks that will make up the colouring book.  It has been such a fun thing to do.  I have discovered many of our artists will be buying books which is great but in another way it is difficult to take their money as they have been especially generous with their talent and time.  I value their commitment to their craft and their generosity.  Artists are the best, so please support them so that they may continue to make unique artwork for us to enjoy.

Making a Limited Edition Adult Colouring Book for a charity fundraiser

I am compiling drawings from artists to make a special colouring book as a fundraiser.  It is an adult fundraiser in that you won’t see any fairies or such.  I had a very difficult time finding images of my own to contribute until I found these totems that I made and I realised I didn’t have to change much.  Here they are coloured in by me (testing).   I hope that they will be liked.

See below the newspaper story that I first saw about Nathan and his quest to buy a special wheelchair to help him stand up.  He didn’t ask for a lot of help and he is growing plants and selling them at a market to make some money towards the chair himself. I just thought he could do with a hand.  I will let you know from time to time what we are up to.

col coll  nathangraceI took this photo of Grace looking rather glamorous at her year 12 graduation last night.  That is the last year of high school – year before university.  Her exams are coming up very soon and she has only two more days of school left.  Grace arrived at our house as an international student from China just before her 15th Birthday.  She is now 18 years old and very beautiful and intelligent.  We were so lucky to have her with us.

Works on Paper exhibition entry open soon and here is a detail from my entry.

detailHere is a detail from one of three pieces I will be entering into a works on paper exhibition.  I am using acrylic paint for backgrounds and several collage cutouts.  The man is hand drawn and painted with inspiration from Bruegel the Elder.  All three pieces are quite small and all are hybrid characters.

My exhibition has started but the opening is on Saturday at 2.00pm.  If in Melbourne please come by.

seven tiny

We promise we are all working hard towards our next exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery.

In between making sculpture, painting, drawing, cutting, assembling etc we must stop for coffee, do a little gardening and rest. We recently held our last meeting (food galore) in the gallery to discuss the final points.  It was mid winter bring your own everything.  One brought a big pot of hearty soup, crusty bread, rosemary chips (fries), dips, chocolate cake plus so much more.  Wine too.  IMAG1041[1] IMAG1081[1] IMAG1069[1] IMAG1071_-_Copy[1] IMAG1083[1] IMAG1080[1] IMAG0402_1[1]  The title of our up coming exhibition will be SEVEN.

Interpretation of the cultural symbol; Seven
The regularly exhibiting “Out of the Box” group have chosen to explore seven as a theme.  Culturally seven has been a significant symbol, with themes such as Seven deadly Sins, Seven Wonders of the world, Dance of the Seven veils, etc…

The diversity of the theme is reflected in the response by the individual artists to the group theme.  Subjects range from views of Melbourne, interiors of a gallery, seven colour spectrums as defined by Isaac Newton, seven sculptures from the imagination and even an artist has challenged herself to complete seven unfinished works…

See my still-life painting with red apples which is still in progress.

apples 5IMAG0846[1] apples 9 APPLESThe painting before this was for some unknown reason just not working for me (6 or 7 layers of paint wasted).  Started a new painting, new subject new surface and all is going really well.  My husband told me I need to do something with the apples – told him nicely that I am barely half way through.  After all this time he should know not to comment until I ask him to.  When I need a break from something I go to quick humorous collage like the man on the raft.  I will take an image for a walk through a book.  You can see about seven or eight images on this subject on my instagram annewarrenart.  Please say hi if you visit.

John Malone

playful panda

To Pikap Community - Art In Thessaloniki

Μια προσπάθεια συγκέντρωσης και παρουσίασης της εικαστικής καλλιτεχνικής δημιουργίας στην πόλη της Θεσσαλονίκης. An attempt to assemble and present the visual artistic creation in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Life with Leonie

A personal account of my experiences and adventures, starting with my move to Melbourne Australia to live and study for the next 5 months.

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