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Mixed Media, still-life, drawing, painting and everything.

I really can’t settle one one particular medium because I just want it all.  It is always best for me to stick to one for a little while before moving on to another.  I am still doing my woodcarving but have had to slow it down a bit for a few upcoming exhibitions.  The still life with biscuits is for a charity fundraiser and was the last thing I made.

Little people in collage and a pug.

This is cute little 6 month old pug Juno I met at the park yesterday and fell in love with her.

I am doing a series of children taking on or morphing into their surroundings – space, birds, inspects animals etc.  I have only shown a small detail of this work as it is for an upcoming exhibition.

Fish sculpture made from soft wood.

I can see all the little bits that need sanding in this photo.  I’ll get back to it.  This is a very simple assemblage I hope to finish this week as a mobile.  I need to drill some very fine holes into it for the fishing line (how apt) so please wish me luck as I am not sure if this wood will split.  Each fish has taken two to three hours to complete probably because I am learning and do not have the right tools.  I like learning from mistakes – generally the lessons stick.ffff

Still life painting with boronia flowers and apples.

I think almost finished.  Sorry not such a great quality photo and it is clipped a bit.boronia final

boronia original not paintedThis is a photo of one of the set ups that I rejected.

This one has the apples still looking like tomatos.boronia wip 2

boronia wip 1  For my still-life work I underpaint, I use a limited palette of colours and my materials are oil pencil (sparing) and acrylic paint.

Works on Paper art prize selection makes me pretty happy.

I have just been notified that my piece Ínside and Outside’ has been selected as an entry into the Banyule Art Prize.  This is one third of the image here.  I am very excited to be in this exhibition.  (Collage, acrylic, pencil)

man with jet back

A few days ago I went for a stroll around my suburb and as it is springtime I thought you might enjoy these photos as much as I did. mIMAG0102[1]Can anyone tell me what these pod things are on my clivia plant?  I know they are not flowers but do I have to do anything to them?mmmmm

Run down closed up shops are disappearing in Melbourne but I got this old sweet thing today.

bananas I liked the crab cutout and thought about leaving it in the fruit bowl atop the bananas but I’m pretty sure the family would not have appreciated it so I didn’t.   dd  shop

I’m taking a little art detour and working on a mountain image in paint and or collage.

I live in a flat suburb in Melbourne Australia.  We do not have beautiful mountains in my suburb but at certain vantage points nearby you can see the outline of mountains in the far distance (albeit a little fuzzy).  I found a book on Antarctica in my op shop (thrift shop) searches and fell in love with the beautiful colours and an abstract impression I have of mountains.  I have been skiing twice and been on a snow capped mountain only four or five times.

I am still at the experimental stage of this project but I thought you might like to see what I am up to for a particular exhibition I am working towards.

mountain 1 mountain 2

My exhibition is continuing at Cambridge Studio Gallery until the end of the week.  See previous post for information.

An invitation to come and see my art exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood.

I have quite a lot of work in the ‘Small Works’ exhibition I was invited to participate in so I hope if you are able you will pop in to see the work and or discuss it with the lovely gallery director ‘Sue’.  It is in Melbourne Australia by the way.

Email: Phone: 03 9486 0169.

Here is the invite, oh and please come and introduce yourself if we haven’t met face to face before.

For the first time I will be exhibiting still-life painting alongside my collage work.small works small

pears 222 Linden En LÁir small scale pink flowers

Seven small surreal pears in Acrylic

En Lair Collage

Pink Flowers Acrylic and Pencil

This is my current painting project using acrylic paints.

flowers photo This gorgeous posy of flowers was given to me to use as inspiration so I am painting it as it is.  I may pull it apart after a while and see what else I can do with it.vase and flowers

Starting to get a little ‘quirky’ into my still-life paintings, yay happy.

I am a little known for the quirky collage and wall art that I make.

Usually a little surreal, some juxtaposing of scale or something unexpected (that kind of thing).

So I found it really hard to just present bottles, jugs, fruit in still-life paintings and that’s when I questioned whether it was boring or not.  I layered the backgrounds, scratched into surfaces, knocked back colours to bring the image back to a more neutral tone plus a few other techniques.  I have been encouraged by people on my blog, on instagram and in person so many thanks.  This is the most recent one I have done and I feel really good about it because it is not the usual kind of set up.  Yay a bit silly…

Pink Jug with Bananas

Pink Jug with Bananas

John Malone

playful panda

To Pikap Community - Art In Thessaloniki

Μια προσπάθεια συγκέντρωσης και παρουσίασης της εικαστικής καλλιτεχνικής δημιουργίας στην πόλη της Θεσσαλονίκης. An attempt to assemble and present the visual artistic creation in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Life with Leonie

A personal account of my experiences and adventures, starting with my move to Melbourne Australia to live and study for the next 5 months.

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