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November, 2018. Thanks Anne. I am really proud of this but it wouldn’t have been possible without your help and guidance. I really enjoyed the classes as well as meeting Erica and Joan. Looking forward to seeing you at the open studio weekend 🙂 Sifat.

October 2018, So glad I have art classes with you, I’ve learn’t so much this year and its helped me greatly with my self confidence.  I’m excited to start on new projects, Kat.

January, 2017. Thank you Anne for the wonderful workshop.  It was truly an inspiring time spent with you under the apple trees.  Kathy S (Re Summer Workshop)

January, 2017.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with you and the other lovely ladies last Tuesday.  I have come away feeling very inspired.  Julie W (Re Summer Workshop)

August, 2016. Thankyou, you’ve opened up another world! Diti (Collage/Mixed Media)                                        

July 2016, Thank you so much for your generous time and patience having our gorgeous Ella for an art session.  She really enjoyed it and a calm descended after her creativity.  Galia

March 2016, Thank you so much, Anne! You give my Ms. Shark life.  (Song made a wonderful 3D wall art paper shark with a unique hybrid floral body.)  I will keep going to do collage mixed media. feel warm and happy!  Song

December 2015, Painting Still-life,  The class was great and got me out of my comfort zone which was a good thing. Song enjoyed it very much also. Sue and Song.

December, 2015 Helen Miekle (Helen saw my work at the Open Studio weekend and then booked for several classes.)  THANKS for yesterday I loved it.  My friend, Sallyanne and I want to definitely come to classes together…  I love what you are doing Anne.

January, 2015  Bethany Eaton (Bethany did the workshop as a birthday present to herself.) I’m also pleased she found me here on wordpress.  Thanks Bethany.Re: Collage with Anne  –  Thank you so much for today. I got a lot out of it. I’ll be putting into practice all your advice and teachings.  Thanks again. I will definitely keep in touch.

June, 2014.  I received this lovely letter of thanks from Tracey Patterson (NCAT Senior Extension & VET Coordinator) after conducting mixed media workshops for approximately 40 creative women that are considering having art in their future.

The students got so much out of your workshop. The following week many came in with new collages and began to branch into varying styles. We went on to do mixed media with a big conceptual push based on birds and remember acne as themes and they just blossomed. Currently they are working with tags and taking ideas in all sorts of directions. We have seen a real change in confidence and output which has been wonderful to watch. So your workshop was a real turning point. Nothing like some success to ignite a creative spark!

2013. Helen Frost, Ursula (Mum) and Cameron (Son) All three generations came along for a workshop after visiting the open studio.

Hello Anne, 
Thank you for sending the images, they look good. I really enjoyed our
workshop and am thinking of what I can do next..
I am pleased you thought well of Cameron's work. He might be encouraged
to do lots more.
Happy Christmas and new year

2012.  Vivienne was a VCE student wanting some new ideas for her school folio.  I was able to introduce her to new media and I showed her how to mix media within an artwork.  Vivienne took four classes at the beginning of each new term.  This gave us enough time to look at what she was doing at school and it gave her time to go and visit galleries.  Vivienne was accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts the following year.

 Hi anne, how are you? its been so long!
I’ve been working hard over the past couple of months on my folio, I’ve done lots and am almost finished, its due in just under two weeks, so every things been hectic and very stressful!!
but i just wanted to say thank you for all your help, a great part of the folio was inspired by you and without your expertise and patience i could not have done half as much.

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