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kkk I am trying to make the font smaller – can anyone tell me how?

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Posted by Anne Warren Art on February 23, 2011
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  1. 02/23/2011

    the font on WP or on your computer?

    • 02/24/2011

      You were right it was the massive font on WP – I think it is fine now.

  2. 02/23/2011

    it looks like may be you mean on WP. on these posts.

    as i understand it, there are a couple of ways. one is to download or go through the process of setting up an account with the font program that is offered through WP. i’ve looked at it a couple of times but have decided so far not to go that route.

    so… what i do, is use the headline sizes in the posting box (when i’m on the Add New Post page) when i’m setting up my post. most of the time i use the Visual window rather than the HTML window.

    first i write out what i want to say. i usually do that after i’ve placed my image.

    then i select or highlight the words i want to change the size on. when words are highlighted you can click on B in the menu bar across the top of the window if you want to make the font Bold. and I – Italic.

    just below that B-bold button is a button that says Paragraph and a drop down triangle. click the drop down triangle and you’ll see a list. on the list you’ll see Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and so on.

    those may be for headings, however i use them to re-size my font. 1 is the largest. it goes from 1 to 6 and Heading 6 is the smallest.

    i find that Heading 4 is about as small as i want to go. and i usually go Heading 2 as my largest.

    there are other things you can adjust on that page. and when you are ready, you can click Preview – to see how your post will look, before you actually publish your post.

    i go back to the Add New Post page from the Preview page via the little Edit button on the Preview page. i can do this as often as i want until i have my page looking the way i want it to look when i actually post or Publish it.

    when i’m ready i then click Publish and it goes to your blog. you can then take a look by going to your blog directly or through one of the buttons that say something like Take A Look or View Your Post.

    you can play around with most everything on that Add New Post page – the window stuff and so on to see how it works. as long as you dont click Publish, it wont show up on your blog. you can even save a partially completed post and finish it later if you want to – or just delete it all together before ever publishing it.

    i hope this is what you were asking and that it helps. if it is confusing, let me know and i’ll try to clear up what is confusing.

    • 02/24/2011

      As I mentioned on my post – thankyou for taking the time to help me. You alerted me to the options in the upload photos section and so now I am putting my text in there. If I need to take it further I will refer to your excellent suggestions.

      • 02/24/2011

        cool. one more you might want to fiddle with is the font color. once you highlight and alter your size, it probably goes to a standard color. that may or may not be something you’ve already done and the light gray is your choice. or that may be the default color. what ever is selected – that font/writing can be changed through the drop down menu a couple of buttons over to the right of where you’re now changing your font size. the letter A has a band of color under it. the drop down triangle will give you more options. i’m glad the info helped. aloha.

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